Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Visiting Nutri Hogar in David can be a joyful occasion or a sorrowful one, depending on your attitude. Because it exists is joyful to me. I can’t imagine how life would be for those little tykes if Nutri Hogar wasn’t the safety net. I’m always pleased to find the facility clean and well cared for. For that I’m pleased. But, the caveat (or snake in the grass) is it takes money to operate. Providing the needs for 40 plus kids under the age of five isn’t cheap. Especially when they’re malnourished from the get go. So, since my health has improved, we’ve decided to get very proactive. We expect to have representatives for Nutri Hogar at most gatherings and festivals. I look forward to you participating – nickels dimes and quarters, folks. It all adds up to feeding starved children.

The other full court press is my e-books. I have sixteen published; seven novels, six screenplays, a business book and two collections. My eighth novel will be complete within the next few weeks.

I’m going proactive with this endeavor as well. Mailings will be going out soon -- so brace yourself!

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