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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Amazon just released their “Fire” Kindle this week. From everything I’ve read so far it appears to be the perfect unit for those of us who embrace technology. The advertised price, $199, is about what I paid for my WiFi/3G Kindle a year ago. That unit is now selling for $99. Hopefully that will entice more people to convert to e-books.

The Kindle FIRE proves that Amazon is dedicated to making tools while Barnes and Noble is making gadgets. Their Nook is so far behind the curve, it’s almost embarrassing to have books on their Pubit site. They don’t sell very well but just in case, I’ll continue to upload all my novels as they come out… Like next week.

MURDER IN PANAMA has been through the editing process and is in the formatting stage. I hope to have it published sometime over this coming week-end. 66,000 words, first on –Kindle store, and then on those other guys site.

MURDER IN PANAMA – This novel is the first of the Jimmy Hart series. A contemporary story laced with action, adventure, romance, and mystery.

Jimmy Hart and his sidekick, Lowell Downs, learn that a weapon seized by the Police was used in five international murders. One victim resided in Chiriqui, Panama. Further investigations reveal the murder-for-hire assassin is still at large somewhere in Panama. Continuing curiosity puts their lives in peril; the assassin has them in his sights.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


. This letter was sent to on September 16th.  I followed up and resent it 2 days ago.  I have NOT received any reply or even an acknowledgment of receipt.  It gives me pause.

Dear Amazon copyright person,

If you Google the blog BELOVAPOLIDWQ it will take you to this site:, you will see that my novel, Alaska be Damned was lifted from your Amazon Kindle site and is available via this pirate website. I would expect many other products from Amazon are also being sold by these thieves. I counted 948 downloads of Alaska be Damned. This novel and everything I have published on Your Kindle store is copyrighted in the Library of congress. This specific book's registration number is TXu 1- 738-979. Effective date of registration is december 15, 2010.

I have never issued the rights to any of my work except by publishing on and Barnes & Noble. I know this was pirated from Amazon as the cover is slightly different on the Pubit site.

I would appreciate any help you can give me in regard to this matter.


Robert Hatting

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thieves rush in…

I was searching the internet yesterday to determine if I was stepping on someone with my upcoming novel, Blood Tide. It appears that am, so scratch that for a book title. I decided to see if someone was stepping on me. I searched for my best selling e-book, Alaska be Damned and discovered that some low-life Chinese blogger is advertising my book – lifted right out of Further investigation proved that my novel was being downloaded from a scummy Russian pirate site. They steal books, Software, Music, Movies, Games and other intellectual property. So, the count is: 948 books stolen from me and my publishing partner,

Everything I write is registered with the Library of Congress and Screenwriters Guild. I’ve contacted the copyright people with Amazon who will probably contact the appropriate authorities.

Will there be any retribution? I doubt anything will happen. There’s too many politics involved. However, I am going to wage a personal war against people like this. Stay tuned for further developments.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Writing is fun. Seeing an outline or idea come to fruition is exciting and kinda kool. The rest of the crap that accompanies publishing either a novel or screenplay is unrewarding and a downright pain in the ass.

The US library of congress is where you go to copyright a novel or non-fiction book. In the new millennium it’s possible to do it electronically. The first time it takes on average two days of fiddling with their system and being guided by through the maze by a retarded and blind baboon. (Press 1 for stupid, press 2 for blood pressure medicine.) I just uploaded my novel MURDER IN PANAMA. The fee was $35.00. (food for the baboon?). Since this is my eighth novel, I was able to glide right through the process in fifty-six (56) minutes. I will receive a certificate with my confirmation number in approximately six months if I’m lucky. Registering a screenplay is soooo much easier. I just send the script to the SCREENWRITERS GUILD and pay my fee. They issue a registration number right away and I’m finished.

Building covers, proofreading, editing, rewriting, soliciting reviewers and determining where the book fits (which genre) is just part of the process. It needs to be completed before the e-book can go on sale. Then the publishing process begins; Amazon is slick and quick. Barnes and Noble, not so much.

The end of this story… MURDER IN PANAMA may be available in another week or two.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The View From Behind the Donation Can

Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 7th) was our first participation with the David Market. It was not well attended; by vendors, nor were there a lot of shoppers. Consequently, my observations of how we performed for Nutri Hogar are jaded. I was surprised at the number of North Americans that have never heard of the home for malnourished children. Even after Chris or I enlightened them, it usually resulted in a walk-away. The representative at our table for Nutri Hogar spoke no English so she was shy with North Americans. People in general gave us a wide berth…not wanting to participate in donating nor in dialogue. All in all it was a bust! But we’ll give it another go next week and maybe the week after that. Using a baseball metaphor, three strikes and we’re out.

Yesterday was the monthly gathering for THE GRINGOS OF DAVID. I understood they were to meet at the market and then decide on a restaurant for lunch and their meeting. Neither Chris nor I were invited to attend.

I have no idea where they went. I’m wondering what’s up with that? Is it the rattle of the near empty donation can?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Visiting Nutri Hogar in David can be a joyful occasion or a sorrowful one, depending on your attitude. Because it exists is joyful to me. I can’t imagine how life would be for those little tykes if Nutri Hogar wasn’t the safety net. I’m always pleased to find the facility clean and well cared for. For that I’m pleased. But, the caveat (or snake in the grass) is it takes money to operate. Providing the needs for 40 plus kids under the age of five isn’t cheap. Especially when they’re malnourished from the get go. So, since my health has improved, we’ve decided to get very proactive. We expect to have representatives for Nutri Hogar at most gatherings and festivals. I look forward to you participating – nickels dimes and quarters, folks. It all adds up to feeding starved children.

The other full court press is my e-books. I have sixteen published; seven novels, six screenplays, a business book and two collections. My eighth novel will be complete within the next few weeks.

I’m going proactive with this endeavor as well. Mailings will be going out soon -- so brace yourself!