Thursday, September 29, 2011


Amazon just released their “Fire” Kindle this week. From everything I’ve read so far it appears to be the perfect unit for those of us who embrace technology. The advertised price, $199, is about what I paid for my WiFi/3G Kindle a year ago. That unit is now selling for $99. Hopefully that will entice more people to convert to e-books.

The Kindle FIRE proves that Amazon is dedicated to making tools while Barnes and Noble is making gadgets. Their Nook is so far behind the curve, it’s almost embarrassing to have books on their Pubit site. They don’t sell very well but just in case, I’ll continue to upload all my novels as they come out… Like next week.

MURDER IN PANAMA has been through the editing process and is in the formatting stage. I hope to have it published sometime over this coming week-end. 66,000 words, first on –Kindle store, and then on those other guys site.

MURDER IN PANAMA – This novel is the first of the Jimmy Hart series. A contemporary story laced with action, adventure, romance, and mystery.

Jimmy Hart and his sidekick, Lowell Downs, learn that a weapon seized by the Police was used in five international murders. One victim resided in Chiriqui, Panama. Further investigations reveal the murder-for-hire assassin is still at large somewhere in Panama. Continuing curiosity puts their lives in peril; the assassin has them in his sights.

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