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Sunday, November 30, 2014


The shifting winds of business, the e-book industry, and the state of the world has motivated me to pick up the pen again and rejoin all my fellow authors in giving away their creativity and hard work.
Do you see a left handed criticism in that last sentence. Good. I meant to begin this blog post with a slam against one of the major book retailers in the world. A retailer who will give everything I wrote away for free if you join their ten dollar a month club.

I decided the best way to fight Amazon’s insensitive program is to provide my work on a freebie basis — as much as Amazon will allow. It’s evident the readers of digital books are expecting books for free. The world has turned — entitlement has become the population posture.

The bottom feeders are taking full advantage of the trend and the desperate authors are taking the bait. The free book blogs currently rule. Give me a dollar and I’ll toss you a dime! This old carnival hustle has been around for centuries. I personally will not subscribe to those sites that charge to promote author’s work. In fact, other than editing, formatting and the copyright fees, I refuse to spend any more money on my writing endeavors. Novels number fourteen, fifteen and sixteen have been languishing in the bowels of my hard drive. Number 14 is destined to be completed by the first quarter of 2015. The others are in various stages and will come along as they are ready. For now, I’ll focus on fourteen. I’ll set the internal alarm clock an hour earlier and begin putting words together.

Book promotion begins again today, 11/30/14. I intend to give away all of my titles except the two volumes; the Hart trilogy, and Tucson Territory. The efforts of posting to the social media sites will be sporadic because of the demands of my primary business; manufacturing Ozone generators under the label, OLD TREE OZONE. This is the core of my life. My quartz modulator invention and subsequent applications of the machine and protocol, enhance the health and well being of humans and animals. My novels are just entertainment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Panama continues to suffer from periodic outbreaks of KPC virus in their hospitals and clinics. In addition, the water system in Panama is grossly substandard. People are dying at an alarming rate because of unclean facilities and water born bacteria's. This is not new. Read my blog posting from December 16, 2011. 3 years ago.

Nothing seems to have changed and no one is being held accountable. The willful ignorance of my adopted country is truly frustrating. I can’t sit idle and watch people die when I have created a solution. The trick is to get the Government of Panama to give audience to an old retired gringo.

For this reason, I have decided to refocus marketing the Old Tree model 06 medical unit to sanitize medical facilities and the model 03E to purify water systems. The medical unit will still be available for personal/home use, for clinics, and for group or family purchases. However, it is no longer my main thrust. The model 03E, the commercial model, is currently purifying the water system of a hotel/resort, two private residence households, and being installed in a hotel swimming pool. However, I ‘m taking my invention to a higher level. I hope to break into the medical and industrial industries with a hybrid unit I have recently developed. Also, I’m currently working on a unit which can also provide water purification in remote areas without electricity. These off-the-grid units will also be available for the marine industry.

I’ve been diligent in searching the internet for problems my new invention (machine) can solve. I believe the highest and best use is for water and medical facility sanitization. More people can be helped. 
I’ve included some of the information I gleaned from the internet — these articles/fact-points are not written by one individual — they are a compilation.

According to Dr. Dick Zoutman of Queen's University in Canada, over 100,000 people die every year in North America alone, due to hospital-acquired infections. It would only seem to follow that hospitals need to be kept cleaner. Sealing operating rooms and infusing highly concentrated ozone will ostensibly purify the facilities. The leading provider for hospital ozone purification systems is a company in the UK. Their machine is the size of a commercial copy machine and sells for sixty thousand euros. (about $80,000 usd). My new invention, the OLD TREE model 06 will perform on an equal or better basis and sells for less than four thousand dollars.

According to studies performed in Latin America, over 70% of the lower income and poor families suffer from various forms of intestinal ailments caused by impure water (h-pylori, parasites and others). Third world countries have not yet embraced the concept of water born bacteria causing health issues. They filter out the sediment and consider it potable. Nor have the governments and local industries adopted the commercial side of ozone applications. The OLD TREE model 03 prices begin at less than two thousand dollars and can serve several households.

Below is an overview of the commercial aspects of Ozone.

The largest use of ozone is in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, synthetic lubricants, and many other commercially useful organic compounds, where it is used to sever carbon-carbon bonds. It can also be used for bleaching substances and for killing microorganisms in air and water sources. Many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria with ozone instead of the more common chlorine. Ozone has a very high oxidation potential. Ozone does not form organochlorine compounds, nor does it remain in the water after treatment.  Where electrical power is abundant, ozone is a cost-effective method of treating water, since it is produced on demand and does not require transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals. Once it has decayed, it leaves no taste or odor in drinking water. Low levels of ozone are of disinfectant use in residential homes, having substantial effect on airborne pathogens.

Industrially, ozone is used to:

  • Disinfect laundry in hospitals, food factories, care homes etc;
  • Disinfect water in place of chlorine;
  • Aqueous ozone has been effectively used to disinfect drinking water, cooling towers and for wastewater treatment
  • Sanitize wine barrels before filling;
  • Deodorize the air in smokers rooms in the hotel industry;
  • Deodorize air and objects, such as after a fire. This process is extensively used in fabric restoration;
  • Kill bacteria on food or on contact surfaces;
  • Sanitize swimming pools and spas;
  • Kill insects in stored grain;
  • Scrub yeast and mold spores from the air in food processing plants;
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables to kill yeast, mold and bacteria;
  • Chemically attack contaminants in water (iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, and complex organics lumped together as “colour”);
  • Provide an aid to flocculation (agglomeration of molecules, which aids in filtration, where the iron and arsenic are removed);
  • Manufacture chemical compounds via chemical synthesis;
  • Clean and bleach fabrics (the former use is utilized in fabric restoration; the latter use is patented);
  • Assist in processing plastics to allow adhesion of inks;
  • Age rubber samples to determine the useful life of a batch of rubber;
  • Eradicate water borne parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium in surface water treatment plants.

For more than a century, ozone has been used in Europe for purifying drinking water and is currently used in the United States for purifying bottled water and decontaminating cooling towers. The city of Los Angeles currently uses ozone to purify its water supply.

Ozone is a reagent in many organic reactions in the laboratory and in industry. Ozonolysis is the cleavage of an alkene to carbonyl compounds.

Many hospitals in the U.S. and around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining bacteria.

Ozone is used as an alternative to chlorine or chlorine dioxide in the bleaching of wood pulp. It is often used in conjunction with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the need for chlorine-containing compounds in the manufacture of high-quality, white paper.

Ozone can be used to detoxify cyanide wastes (for example from gold and silver mining) by oxidizing cyanide to cyanate and eventually to carbon dioxide.

Applications targeted to Consumers

Devices generating high levels of ozone, some of which use ionization, are used to sanitize and deodorize uninhabited buildings, rooms, ductwork, woodsheds, boats and other vehicles. My experience — be careful. Most machines on the market are from China and they don’t work! In fact they often cause more harm than good.  When ozone meets ambient air, it creates nitrous oxide.  Breathing this gas can be harmful.

Air purifiers emit low levels of ozone. This kind of air purifier imitates nature’s way of purifying the air without filters and to sanitize both it and household surfaces.

Ozonated water is used to launder clothes and to sanitize food, drinking water, and surfaces in the home. Studies at California Polytechnic University demonstrated that 0.3 ppm levels of ozone dissolved in filtered tap water can produce a reduction of more than 99.99% in such food-borne microorganisms as salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7, and Campylobacter. Ozone can be used to remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.***

Ozone is used in home swimming pools and spa pools to kill bacteria in the water and to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine required by reactivating them to their free state. Ozone is also widely used in treatment of water in aquariums and fish ponds. Its use can minimize bacterial growth, control parasites, and eliminate transmission of some diseases. There are many dissolved organics that can discolor your water, ozone will oxidize these and produce water that is crystal clear.

*** Since I live in the tropics, I cannot trust some of the fruit and vegetable vendors to be organic. I wash everything thoroughly with ozonated water and then place my vegetables; lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery in a stainless or glass bowl of ozonated water. The container is refrigerated and has proven to add days to the freshness and crispness of the vegies. Romaine lettuce has lasted 2 weeks.


I need a volunteer to come learn to use my ozone generator and protocols. This volunteer then needs to take the unit (which I will donate) and their knowledge to Africa and solve the Ebola threat to the world. This virus may soon mutate to a an airborne strain and then many people are doomed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The pendulum of life swings from one side to the other before it centers. Two recent occurrences has set the pendulum of my life to swing away from generosity. It may be a while before it centers again.
#1) Many people are not aware that a portion of my royalties are donated to a couple of charities here in Panama. These monthly deposits to their accounts vary from month to month. Yesterday, I received a call from one of the administrators of one of the charities wondering why my recent donation was so small. I attempted to explain that book sales in the summer are historically low and that Amazon is now giving books away for free, so the royalties will become even lower. Well, this person, suggested that I was a liar and selfish because it is not summer. (true--not in Panama) I was frustrated in trying to explain that Summer in northern latitudes is from June to the end of September — just the opposite of Panama. This person persisted in calling me a liar. I finally had to hang up… my blood pressure was rising. It’s unfortunate, but after many years of helping this charity, I will no longer donate any portion of my royalties to anyone.

#2) Today, a nurse will arrive at my home and administer Ozone injections to 5+ people. She is paid by each individual plus a small amount for her bus fare. This has been in place for six months. Twice a week she comes to service those people needing this therapy. NOW the story behind the story. I have been underwriting all of this therapy. It is my generator, I pay for the oxygen, it’s my regulator, I buy the needles, the cotton balls, the alcohol, the saline, the rubber gloves… everything! I pay the extra electricity, have donated a room for this therapy and even paid my housekeeper to make curtains and paint the walls and floor. I have not received one thin dime and I pay her the full rate for injections just like all the others. In essence, this nurse has (had) a business that makes her more in two 4 hour days than she earns in 2 weeks as a hospital nurse. In addition, I notify all her clients of her schedule and make sure I am here for 3 hours+ — twice a week. I suggested that she charge 50% more and pay it to me after each session cover my expenses. She is refusing to pay back the 50%. She seems to think I should be happy with 30% and she will get a 20% raise. So much for generosity. I’m not sure how to translate INGRATE into Spanish. Today it ends!! She is no longer welcome in my home.

The pendulum is swinging. Today begins the process of calling in my accounts receivable and stopping the bleeding. My ozone machine is available for rent (if I am here). Those people who depend on my good nature will see another side of me — the businessman. I’m not greedy but I don't believe anyone should be entitled to the fruits of my investments and labor. That is my decision and mine alone.

So, new attitude — new rules.

1. I will charge for my goods, services, knowledge and equipment.

2. No more charity — to anyone.

3. No more missed calls accepted. That’s like a collect call. If you wish to speak with me. Call me on your nickel.

4. No more missed appointments. I will wait no longer than 20 minutes. If you don’t arrive by then you are fired. Period!

5. If you lie to me or steal from me, you WILL suffer a dire consequence!

Friday, August 29, 2014




Escalating costs of components and shipping have forced me to increase my prices for all of my products. These new prices will commence September 15, 2014. Any orders places prior to that date will be honored at the old price predicated on a deposit equal to 1/3 of the purchase price has been received prior to 9/15/14. Delivery of most models will be within 30 days. All previous price quotes and proposals are void as of 9/1/14. Also, leases and rentals are no longer available.

OLD TREE model 06 (Medical grade) $3990.00 (shown above)

OLD TREE model 03 (HH03) (horse trough) $1750.00


OLD TREE Model 3E, Commercial water supply and Swimming pool purification system prices will be quoted only in bid form -- after inspection and a thorough evaluation. The same policy applies to the 12V & 24V systems for remote — off grid and marine applications.

As an aside: An OLD TREE commercial grade unit was installed in a 36000 gallon swimming pool here in Chiriquí. The pool has operated daily with hotel guests and staff using in in the normal manner. THERE IS NO CHLORINE IN THE POOL! There hasn’t been for 3 weeks. The water is purified by the use of the ozone generator. (it runs on average 5 hours each night) The water is clear — it has no eye-burning chemicals, and I personally drank the water. When you leave the pool, you don’t feel sticky like one does with chlorine treated water. When one looks at the deep end — 9 foot depth, it is clear enough to count the ribs of the drain grate.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Years ago, my grandfather, handed me a small spade and told me he was going to teach me how to dig a hole. At age 6, I was elated. We were standing near the corrals of his ranch. He took a twig and drew two circles; one larger one, about two feet in diameter and then a smaller one about 2/3 the size of the larger hole. He then made a mark (about 18 inches)on the handle of the small spade to indicate the depth of the holes I was to dig. It took me the better part of the morning to get it to my grandfather’s liking. He finally brought me a cold soda and proclaimed that half my job was done. While I sucked down the cola, he leaned down and pulled out a handful of dirt — making a lateral hole at the bottom to connect the two holes I had dug. Later I learned the second half of the job was to keep the fire going so the ranch hands could use the fire for the branding irons. Again, I was thrilled. I was a COWBOY.
This is an adaptation of the Rustlers Hole that the old time cowboys used when building a wood fire in the field to heat their branding irons. A Rustler hole is simply 2 holes dug side by side. One is used for the fire and the other is connected at the bottom with a small tunnel for the draft. Once a fire is started, the fire hole pulls air from below from the draft hole and creates a “forge like condition”. It is a very efficient method for heating branding irons, as it used very little fuel and has close to complete combustion; reduced smoke and no visible flame. Very stealthy -- hence the name, Rustlers Hole. I dug these holes to burn refuse without creating a lot of smoke. 

The Rustler stove was created and the same theory was adapted in the southwest because the ground was so difficult to dig. It was made from adobe blocks, just clay or mud piled into the correct configuration, or sometimes made from stone. The result was the same; high combustion with minimal fuel and little or no smoke.

The unit I built is made from sand and cement; a little water and formed in a five gallon bucket. The chimney (fire pit)and feed holes were formed by 4 inch PVC pipe cut at a 45 degree angle. I cut the hole in the bucket for the feed hole. Then, because I knew someone else would like a unit, I cut the bucket almost in half — vertically and wired it together before the pours. After an hour from the cement/sand concoction pour, I removed the PVC and allowed the unit to cure for a couple of days.

Once out of the plastic bucket (even though the bucket was pre-cut — not an easy chore), I scraped off any concrete residue and took the unit outside to begin the seasoning process. The lower, horizontal hole is not correct. I must have tipped the PVC when adding the concrete. Therefore, any fuel placed in the lower cavity tends to fall out. I can remedy this with a fuel tray… It will hold the fuel and the air will rush through the bottom of the impediment. If one was to be cooking on this unit I would modify it in some way to accommodate a larger fuel reserve.

The physics of the unit are just right. Combustion, once it is fired off and drawing sufficient air, is almost 100 percent. This means a lot of BTU’s are created with very little fuel. Also, the fuel burns thoroughly and emits very little smoke. It will be a great addition to my landscaping efforts. All organic refuse will be burned without emitting the billowing smoke of most leaf fires.

This unit is handy. I have an acre of ground that supports a host of mature tropical fruit trees and some Royal and coconut palms. The palms are messy and the old fruit trees are constantly dropping dead branches. I usually make a lap around the yard with my wheelbarrow each morning and dispose of the fallen organics using the Rustler stove.

I paid a couple of workers to clean the yard originally. (it was vacant for several months before I acquired it.) As a result, I have a huge pile of leaves, branches, and palm fronds. Burning them in my Rustler stove is not practical so I use my Rustler hole for the larger items. I can keep up on a daily basis with the smaller concrete stove. However we had a storm recently and large sections of the fruit trees blew down. I used the Rustler fire hole to dispose of most of the larger fallen branches. Once the fire was burning efficiently, it burned the green branches and leaves without creating a lot of smoke.

The holes need maintenance after the rains… the stove — not.

Saturday, June 28, 2014



As I delve further and further into the technology of Ozone generators, I have begun to understand why the medical community is slow to embrace the Ozone therapy protocols.
Besides the fact that with the proper equipment most of the revenue from medical treatments would disappear, it is the inconsistent performance of the Ozone Therapy practitioners. The therapist is only as good as his/her equipment and training.

As my technical knowledge improves — (building my OLD TREE generators forces me to dig deeper) I have discovered more and more flaws in the components of the ordinary ozone generator. Even the Brockman, which I used for years, has some assembly shortcuts I find disturbing.
Many other units on the market have a lot of gadgets that are just that -- gadgets.  The flow meter for oxygen belongs on the regulator. I true reading is required, not a second hand calibration.  Why do these people insist on rheostats on their generators. All this does is turn down the voltage on the transformer. Lower voltage creates poor molecule arrangement and consequently less ozone. I’ve owned machines with all these dials and lights. They are truly a joke. WHY would anyone desire less ozone from an Ozone generator? All of these fancy and unnecessary dials, gauges, lights and buttons are to impress the practitioner and patient.  Just relate it to a vehicle; cup holders will not make your car run better -- gadgets won't heal you!

The process for making Ozone is very simple. Nature does it with lightening. Zap oxygen with enough electrical voltage and the 02 molecules will split into two 01 molecules. Scramble these O1’s in a contained tube of some kind by continuing to zap them with high voltage, and they begin to bind together as O3 — ozone.

Okay, we just created ozone. The gas is contained in a tube and will run into a hose to be used in a variety of forms; purifying water, removing mold and mildew, making medical ointments and even used by scientist to purify a ‘clean room’.

Ozone gas is very unstable. All these O1’s want to return to become O2 again. Within a very short time, this gas deteriorates and become straight oxygen again. When ozone gas hits the ambient air, it become nitrous oxide — that’s what you smell. Pure ozone, reportedly, has no color or odor.

25 years ago, Peter Brockman invented a 2 stage ozone generator that enhanced the O3 and made it clump together using ultra sound. The 06 &09 clumps allowed for rapid absorption into the bloodstream when injected. I have used his company’s generators for years. They were in a class all by themselves because of the tremendous healing powers of O6, O9, and sometimes O12. My contemporaries and I injected the gas directly into our vein. It has cured many major malady health problems. (see photo at end of post)

Recently, I invented a 2 stage machine that uses simple yet leading edge technology. Users receive the same if not better results with my quartz modulator. So far, the practitioners who use the OLD TREE, sing high praises. For that I am thankful. The only negative side to my invention is its size and weight. The Brockman people spent hours designing and assembling the components into a small plastic container. Their second stage is contained in the last one-third of the corona discharge tube. The oversize single transformer is also split into 2 stages. So, their unit is lighter in weight and has a smaller footprint.

I took a different approach. Perhaps it is part of my personality regarding form vs function. Function always wins in my world. My OLD TREE unit is housed in a welded aluminum case, 9” by 9” by 15”. It’s extremely durable. The marine aluminum is well ventilated and it houses a very powerful fan to cool the components. The rectangular shaped case has a folding handle on the top and all the fasteners are stainless steel. The fittings are brass and the wiring harness is marine grade. It weighs 16 pounds. It is perhaps the simplest unit on the market to use. There are only 2 moving parts; the switch and the fan. There is no need for any other gadgets; no lights, dials, gauges or other superfluous accouterments. The unit produces very strong ozone and the quartz modulator clusters the 03 particles into 06, 09, 012 and perhaps higher. Thus far the healing capabilities have been impressive.


Major components of the OLD TREE are manufactured specifically for me; the inventor/designer. The Corona discharge tube is made from an off the shelf unit and then modified to my specifications. Once modified and tested is is shipped to another locale in North America where it is tweaked and tested and finally finds its way to Panama. The quartz modulator is made specifically to my specifications and is not available to any other purchaser. (I have 2 different factories in 2 different countries manufacturing this proprietary component.) This Modulator is modified in a factory in Canada and modified again by me here in my Puerto Armuelles shop. The transformers come from 2 different countries as do the fittings, hoses, and electronic assemblies. The aluminum case is hand crafted in a metal/fiberglass shop here in Panama — it’s the only local part of the OLD TREE system. All components and parts eventually merge to my shop where they are assembled by me or someone supervised by me.


OLD TREE ozone generators are built for lifetime use. Therefore the assembly process is painstaking lengthy; attention to detail and procedures trump everything else. The ancillary parts to the machines are high quality. The fasteners are all stainless steel, the aluminum case is rugged yet compact, and the interior wiring is double soldered and grounded in more than one area.

Testing & warranty:

Each component is tested multiple times during the assembly process. Once the final stage is reached, the entire unit is subjected to a stress test; dropped from 2 ft, turned in every direction, swung to simulate the g-force created by baggage handlers, and the final test is an injection of 50cc’s into my veins.

Price and terms:

The M06 model is $3300.00 USD. $1000.00 deposit -- delivery within 30days.

Additional models and applications:

Household water purification system (ambient air)

Swimming pool system (ambient air)

Bilge water system (12 volt or 110 volt)

Livestock system (12 volt or 110volt)

Commercial water supply (oxygen tanks or oxygen maker)
My friend being injected with 50 cc's of ozone gas by nurse, Julia.

Friday, June 6, 2014


From Robert Hatting, GM
Old Tree Ozone systems

This notice is current as of June 6, 2014.

If all goes well, a special Ozone Therapy room in my home here in Puerto Armuelles will be operable, next week. Our nurse, Julia Andreda Gough, is currently training one additional local nurse and perhaps a second in the near future. A full range of protocols will be available. Injections are being scheduled for twice a week.

The SD diet teas is now available in packets that make one gallon. $3.00 per packet. I used this tea over the last six weeks and successfully lost 20 pounds. Query me for details.



One(1) M06, Medical grade 2 stage ozone generator --new. $3300.00 outright purchase or 3 year lease $175.00 per month. (components for 2 additional units en-route to Panama.)

One(1) HHO3, new $950.00. Household grade. Lease not available.

Two (2)new in box Oxygen regulators(for large tank) $125. each.— Puritan brand (like the one I use) with flow meter.

One (1) Brockman medical grade Ozone Generator — used. $3500. Or trade for like value.

One (1) Ram pump 3/4” inch feed/ 1/2” delivery. $750.00. (kinetic power pumping system - no other power needed)

*Household and Swimming pool ozonation projects as well as the Ram pump lift systems are available. Prices based on specifications and needs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Several months have passed since I posted to either of my blogs; BLAIR-PACIFIC PUBLISHING or ISTHMUS TRADER. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say — I was really busy. I’m still busy but I need to activate both of the platforms for a variety of reasons.
BLAIR-PACIFIC PUBLISHING was initially created to be the platform from which I promoted my writing; specifically my 13 novels and 6 screenplays. My intentions are to continue to use it for those purposes from time to time but my career as an author has waned. A decade was dedicated to this endeavor with disappointing results. I still write but it is no longer my primary focus. As a matter of fact, it has slipped to 4th place since I moved from David to Puerto Armuelles.

ISTHMUS TRADER was created to broker boats. It morphed into a classified paper and eventually went back to offering large vessels for sale in association with another marine broker. It lies dormant because the author (me) was distracted these past six months.

Both blogs will be revived but with a much different bent. BP will be a catch-all. Opinions in general, articles about my Ozone Generator business, promotions of my novels from time to time — back stories on current happenings, and a platform for whatever I choose.

IT is going to be the sales blog for whatever product or service I choose to sell or trade. Although focusing on Panama, some of the items like my Ozone Generators will be exposed to other parts of the world. On occasion I may include a friend or associates goods or services but in reality, most of what will be exposed for sale will be from yours truly.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals vs Resolutions

Or -- How to eat an elephant.

THANK GOD! The holidays are over. We’re all as fat as a tick, the bowl games are over, the hangovers have abated, and we’re ready for some normalcy.

This is the time of year most folks make New year resolutions. It’s a time honored tradition designed to shatter self esteem. Pure unadulterated self-promises to do or not to do certain things. A month later, the habit they chose to kick, the gym they promised to join, the secret resolve that sneaked back to the forefront and they still have the same problem(s) with an added burden of guilt and shame.

Sound familiar? Your steely resolve for the following years is: NOT TO MAKE ANY RESOLUTIONS!!! But somehow as the holiday’s approach and thoughts turn to the new year, your subconscious begins tallying items to place on your resolution list.

This is the time to submit. Don’t fight this start of the year assessment. Consider the phrase; resolution list! RESOLUTION LIST. Now write it this way; RESOLUTION

Just write a list. Write it in ambiguous terms. Here’s an example; my own general list for 2014. There are no resolves. No set-up for failures. Just a list. Don’t number them… place in random order.

  • Continue healthy living — diet and exercise.
  • Complete and publish a couple more novels.
  • Introduce folks as to ‘My style of OZONE THERAPY’. Anti-Aging therapy.
  • Phase out my blog. Spend the time on novels and promotion.
  • Diversify my OLD TREE manufacturing facilities and assembly points.
  • Embrace, configure, and promote the ‘International Wellness’ concept.
  • Continue franchising the ENFORCED MEMORIZATION TECHNIQUE in Asia and other parts of the world.
  • Package my novel/screenplays into salable units on Amazon.

Somewhere on the list will be an asterisk on a task. A MUST DO!

* File my address with the clowns at the embassy concerning “PROOF OF LIFE”!!

** Hire a new accountant in the USA — fire the old one!

*** open a new bank account in _____???

These are important tasks that need to be on a list. Why this list? Simple… If every task is on the same list, you will notice some of the other general statement tasks (subliminal reminders)as you plow through the ‘must do tasks’.

I’m not suggesting the daily household list; buy oranges, finish Charles Krauthammer’s book, wash the car, take out garbage, etc.

However, there is one of the general goals on your overall list that needs to be placed on the daily chores list — your health!

Focus on your health. Do what’s necessary to delay or reverse the aging process.

People have a tendency to make wishes rather than goals when it comes to money or accomplishments. “I wish I had a better job. I wish I could save more. I wish I could sell more widgets. Or my favorite; I WISH I COULD WRITE A BOOK!”

Anything that can be quantified should be broken down to the lowest common denominator. Saving — how much? Over how much time?

For example: to save $2000.00 in a year (a small elephant), one should break it down. $166.61 per month. Okay, that’s $38.16 per week or $5.54 a day. So, that’s not so hard. Skip the Starbuck’s, pack your own lunch, stop smoking, skip the beer after work. You name it…$5.54 per day stuffed into a jar will deliver you $2000.00 in a year. Deposit the monthly amount in an interest bearing account and it will grow even faster.

Okay, let’s write a novel in a year. Most of my novels are around 70,000 words. (that is 280 -300 pages — a larger elephant)Again, we break it down. Use 11 months. 6363 words a month. 1480 words a week. 211 words a day. Less than a page a day will create a 70,000 word novel in eleven months. The editor has it for a month and BINGO! You have your best seller.

Lose weight — same program. Make a reasonable goal over a long period of time. Then subdivide down to so much loss per week.

Drinking, smoking, biting your nails, drug addiction and other personal habits need to be addressed differently. Seek help!

Manifesting good or bad into your life is always self thoughts and self talk. Make you list and then remember to review it once in a while (LIKE EVERY DAY!)

Understand the rules? Be general and reasonable with your desired achievements. Anything that can be quantified can be broken down to the lowest common denominator. Thus you have turned a WISH into a doable GOAL.

Achievement is always based on discipline. Even the simplest task can be considered an achievement. Not doing some “jive dance in the end zone” achievement, but an achievement none-the-less. Saving five bucks a day and stuffing it into a jar… that’s an achievement. A simple discipline. Writing a page a day for your novel. That’s an achievement. Take small bites over a long time span and soon you will have devoured the entire elephant.

**** this is my last post for some time.  I'll be concentrating on the two novels I am currently writing. Have a swell 2014!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yesterday (New Year day)I spent the day with a close friend. He and his wife are partners in a fishing resort near Limones… (a long way from David). Rex introduced me to some of his lodge guests as Bob Hatting, the western writer. I was about to offer a retort and explain that I write in different genre’s and then opted to remain quiet. The folks left us to our project. But while measuring and cutting of sheet aluminum for my new Ozone Generator case, I began to take inventory in my mind.
Maybe I am a western writer. Although only two of my novels are true period westerns; BOOMER & HALF-BREED, after some reflection, I tend to lean in that direction. Several of my screenplays are definitely western in nature; albeit contemporary. Same with PARTNERS, UNTAMED, CRYSTAL COWBOY and TRUST ME, the novel I’m currently writing. All are contemporary westerns; modern day ride, rope, and shoot stories. MURDER IN PANAMA and the two sequels, REVOLUTION OF FOOLS and HART RULES are in no way western or even western in nature. Same with my novels, EXPAT, ALASKA BE DAMNED and the LAST FRUIT STAND ON GUAM. There are characters that have a western upbringing but the stories and settings are contemporary and have an exotic bent. Same with My two latest novels, TRES PIEDRAS and SHOOTER -- Characters with western backgrounds but set in contemporary times and foreign countries.

Thirteen novels and six screenplays. Soon a fourteenth novel. Twenty stories in total. Ten are western. I guess novel number fifteen will determine my label.