Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Since I write on a variety of subjects, I’ve decided to reapportion my blog into several sectors; REARM AMERICA — WRITING/PUBLISHING — OZONE THERAPY — INVENTIONS — and occasional a RAVE/RANT

WRITING/PUBLISHING — One day, a long time ago, I bought an old MACK dump truck at an auction. The truck was over thirty years old and had been used hard. It was still running and functioning. My task for the truck was simple yet it needed to work everyday for a couple of hours in the feedlot I’d purchased. I was impressed by its performance. That was the operative word. PERFORMANCE! Part of the manufacturers motto. Riveted on the inside of the driver-side door, it had the logo — the stylized bulldog, and just below was their promotional motto, PERFORMANCE COUNTS!

I adopted (lifted) that motto and applied it to every endeavor in my life. When I managed sales forces, it was our battle cry. When I owned factories, it was our daily theme.

While writing, PERFORMANCE COUNTS became my personal creed. I typed it on a sticker and placed it on the lid of my old typewriter. No one was going to create a news story, feature article or novel for me. I had to develop the discipline to write the words and string them together in sentences, then paragraphs, and eventually chapters. It must have worked. In addition to all the newspaper stories, magazine articles, and short stories I generated over my journalism career, I have published fourteen books and have authored six original screenplays.

Am I proud of my achievements? Not necessarily; um, ahhh, yeah, somewhat… Satisfied? Hardly. I have two other novels in the bowels of my laptop and one more sitting at my editor's desk.

Each unit began with an idea, converted to an outline, and then the first character was typed. The writing has to take on a life of it’s own, so one has to maintain a discipline to put down a few words each day. I usually have two or three novels at different stages of completion.

Every author is approached by someone who had a life changing event or an idea. They all want to TELL you the idea - co-author the outline, and then have you, the author, write the story or novel. It’s misguided from the start. Any professional will turn them down in a heartbeat. It’s like ghostwriting only worse. It usually hurts their feeling but that can’t be helped. I try to encourage them to write the story themselves. Hmmmmm, I wonder why it never happened?  PERFORMANCE COUNTS!

OZONE THERAPY — The various business models I’ve employed to get ozone therapy to the masses have failed. Perhaps it’s the selection of my operators. Perhaps the overall plan. Whatever --it has to change. I have several hundred thousand dollars tied up in the engineering and inventory. If I don’t see some advancement soon, I will sell out. At my age, that seems the most prudent option. However, my dream of getting ozone therapy to the masses will have failed; only the middle class and rich will have access to this revolutionary healing process. The Germans and Chinese have made overtures. Perhaps I need to see if they are willing to put out the cash. Vamos a ver — PERFORMANCE COUNTS!

INVENTIONS — Most of my friends and fans know about the two inventions in the Ozone industry. I’ll not bore you with repetition. However, I have modified my ozone breathing apparatus so it replaces the direct injections in most cases.

My air extractor is still at an engineering facility in Cebu City. I expect the prototype drawings to reach the machine shop in early February.

My latest project is very self serving… not an invention — just a contraption to acquire better Internet signal. It’s more of a ‘McGiver’ fix to a nagging condition.

REARM AMERICA — Pack the heat but use your vote.


The Philippines represents a country of craftsmen. Everything that is natural to the islands gets recycled into something. The old fashioned methods of palm leaf weaving, bamboo structures, native wood/bamboo furniture, and clay pottery, just to name a few crafts located close to where I live. For this I’m thankful.


Crap on a crowbar! My passport says I’m 74 years old today.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Courage and Second amendment to the US constitution.

Courage and Second amendment to the US constitution.

I learned early in life that is dumber than dumb to take a knife to a gunfight. Well, the world has been unarmed so knives are now becoming the weapons of choice for would-be terrorists. Box cutters brought down three jets. The guy in London and those folks in Jerusalem are raising hell with knives.

If one of those fools with the knives ever attack me or many of my friends, it would be their last act in this world. Most of us carry. Not all of us are legal but our attitude is: let’s live through the ordeal and sort out the legal BS later.

We are not radicals, except for the second amendment — the right to bear arms. This is the charter for a citizen militia. At no time in our recent history has the ‘citizen militia’ more required than now. The travesty of the times, is the way our western populations have been stripped of our rights by the power of the governments.

Each incident — the mass murders — appear to be a battle cry for the gun control proponents. Even the lame duck president — is calling for stricter weapons control. (a powerful voice to this idiocy)

THINK THAT POSITION THROUGH. How does a strict gun control law eliminate putting guns in the hands of our enemies; the terrorists? How would a LAW stop a radical muslim from wanting to destroy our citizens? These warped individuals will find a way to kill us. It’s their mission. We’re at war with these radicals! Do you think he/she will obey the law? Of course not! They will find a way to bring weapons or bombs into the country… they will steal from other citizens, law enforcement or the military or buy weapons from the underworld. They will find a way to kill innocent citizens -- UNLESS THEY ARE MET WITH FORCE!  Equal force!
 Look at France. A citizen cannot purchase a weapon in France — very strict gun control. They have no second amendment. Those people were slaughtered by ISIS. The radicals with the guns and bombs. Do you suppose one or two armed citizens at that rock concert or the San Bernardino slaughter could have diminished the carnage? I believe they would have made a difference — IF they were trained in the use of their weapon of choice, AND had the courage to shoot back.

Courage is another ingredient that seems to be in short supply. To me it seems it has been bred out of our citizenry. Except for those individuals in the armed forces and some of the contact sports, courage appears to all but disappeared except in the world of the radical extremists. Hemingway defined courage as “Grace under pressure.” It was presumed back in his day that everyone had courage — some just more than others. Not true today. Courage has been replaced by politically correct cowardice. 

It's not right -- politically... but Merry Christmas!
Rob Hatting

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This and that!!

It appears my new home in the Dumaguete area has very poor internet reception.  It's unlikely it will improve in the near future.  So, most of my postings will be intermittent and unorganized; Ozone business, writing subjects, and Rearm America.  Plus my travel experiences. 

REARM AMERICA.  Yahoo news posted this map last week.  It basically shows that most every state in the union has laws pertaining to carrying weapons.  Some are easy -- others are harsh.    If you meet the requirements, a law abiding citizen can carry in every state.  Take the time and deal with the hassle.  It may save your life.
Writing and promotion:
Almost every day I write a few hundred to several thousand words.  I do not do any promotion for a variety of reasons.  Subsequently, my sales are deep into the growler.  Xmas will be lean.
Old Tree Ozone:
Inventory reduction sale
Every year, most businesses reduce their inventory in order to eliminate inventory taxes and bolster their working capital. When I was in the ranching business, we did something similar — we sorted the cattle and sold those cows or bulls that did not produce along with the calves.
I find myself in the same predicament with ozone generators. Many were placed into Ozone Centers — to be rented by the minute so more people could have the therapy without a large capital investment. Unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm of some of my operators has worn off and there has been negligible activity.   
My first choice is to have ozone centers. Unfortunately, not everyone in Central America shares my passion for ozone therapy. I need to gate some units so I can concentrate my focus in Asia where enthusiasm is high.
The following inventory is for sale at discounted prices. 
    • Model 06 medical grade unit — new style $2700.00 FOB Dumaguete, Philippines. (I can ship a breathing apparatus with this unit for an additional $1200.)
    • (Two units) Model 06 medical grade unit (Alum. Case — hour meter) — Plus Breathing Apparatus. $3900.00 each. FOB David, Panama.
These prices are only available during the remainder of 2015. Please contact me with any questions.


Rob Hatting,

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Rearm America.
A two shot derringer carried by one of the people in the recent San Bernardino massacre could have saved a lot of lives. This is senseless… allowing these slaughters. It’s not complicated. Set your watch back sixty years and then prepare to witness a rebirth of law and order. Only a well armed citizenry will put an end to these atrocities. Law abiding citizens are the only hope to quell this heinous attack on humanity by radical muslims. WAKE UP AMERICA and the western world! Gun control has created this soft underbelly. The enemies of civilization are hitting where they know we can’t hit back. The old bumper sticker from times past is certainly true now. WHEN YOU OUTLAW GUNS — ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS.
How many more people being mass murdered will it take for you to arm yourself and perhaps stop the next attempted slaughter.
The derringer shown above is small. It will fit in a purse or fanny pack. One can place it in a pocket. It fires two rounds of .38 special. It can be purchased new for less than $125.
Think about the results if a terrorist was killed after the first few rounds were fired. An itty bitty weapon and a few moments of courage could have stopped this bloodbath.