Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two new Books

I recently published two new books on Amazon Kindle. One is a novel and the other is a nonfiction business book.

The novel, HALF-BREED is a period western that is unique to my writing style because it isn’t humorous. In fact, it’s bloody and ruthless. Set in southern Arizona in the late 1800’s, it deals with social stigmas plus the cruelties of whites, Mexicans, and Indians; specifically the Chiricahua Apache.

The business book, $HARE THE WEALTH, is series of operational formulas I used in the various businesses I owned over the years (30+). It was a system I developed in 1977 and refined over the years. Anyone in business can appreciate the simplicity of the methods described in my first nonfiction book to be offered. The book includes formulas for sales as well as operations.

Currently these books are exclusively on Amazon Kindle. In days to come they will be published by Barnes and Noble’s Pubit.
Both books as well as the other nine published offer a trial read. Check them out: