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Friday, January 29, 2016


Grandview Horse Roundup 1973.  Yours truly on the far left. 
All my cowboy buddies were packing.
In the past eight years, the number of people who purchased firearms has nearly doubled — with 2015 setting records. Over twenty-three million people (23,000,000) applied for background checks. These statistics indicate people are concerned about their safety. These are gun buyers abiding by the law. Will the terrorists or Wacko’s purchase in a legal manner? One has to assume — Not!
Private citizens have begun to realize that the ‘soft on terror administration’ is not going to protect them. Only a well armed citizenry can protect the home-front.
DIPWADS,USE YOUR BRAIN!I believe in ‘open carry’. I guess it’s the old cowboy in me. It should be nationwide and possibly worldwide. What I don’t believe in… are some of the fools that are abusing their rights by flaunting their weapons. PISTOL PACKERS, you need to realize that some ‘new age’ citizens consider your actions akin to streaking — indecent exposure! Be sensible. Don’t walk into a ladies clothing store packing your six shooter!  
As for you — HERO WANNABE — yes you, the misguided fool that thought shooting at a fleeing bandit who had robbed a restaurant was heroic. Not cool dude! The cops have arrested you for reckless endangerment and a host of minor infractions. You will probably serve more time than the bandit. What were you thinking? The robber left the building, no one was hurt, and the insurance covered the loss. Stupid shit like your stunt just adds fuel to the anti-gun movement. We’re trying to reverse the political cowardliness of the past fifty years, not run around shooting up the town like a drunken cowboy!
REARM AMERICA is based on the foundation of reasonable actions to protect one’s family and friends from the terrorists and mental cases that roam our streets and infect every aspect of our communities. We don’t need confrontation with the authorities. In fact we would like to be left alone and secretly know we can protect our own. Being responsible is part of the Rearm America manifests. Common sense should always prevail. 
I copied this article off the yahoo news page a few days ago. It spoke to restaurants policies concerning open carry.

“…Across the country, open-carry laws have divided restaurant owners. A new Texas open-carry law that took effect on January 1 allows citizens to display guns in public spaces. Restaurants such as Houston barbecue joint Brooks Place have welcomed the change by offering gun-toting customers meal discounts. Dueling Irons in Idaho has also come out in favor of open-carry permits. Others are decidedly less pleased with the new policies: Major brands like Chipotle and Panera have enacted policies asking patrons to keep firearms out of their restaurants…”

I’m not certain if the owners of these pro ‘open carry’ restaurants are seeking headlines to bolster their trade or if they’re making political statements. It’s up you, as patrons, to determine their motive. (psst, terrorists, I wouldn’t go in there.) However, those restaurants that loudly oppose, ‘open carry’ are actually announcing to the wackos and terrorists that they are an unguarded kill zone.
I started my quasi autobiography (THE DAY BEFORE PAYDAY) a few months ago. I’m not enthusiastic about the outline nor the actual day to day writing, because I feel it’s self serving and actually quite boring. The proverbial birth to death lineal progression books are losers; a monument to a bent ego. However, my fan base has harped on me constantly since I turned 70. 
I decided to toss out a ‘change-up’. I am resurrecting some of my back-stories to the novels I’ve published. The preliminary stories to the notable events that inspired the novel will serve to further explain who I am and how I think. (I suspect it may never reach publication because I’m not inspired to write about myself. It’s akin to taking a ‘selfie’.)
COIN OF THE REALM, the 4th in the Jimmy Hart series, is moving along. It’s reached a plot point where one of the main characters has to die in order to make the rest of the story work. Crafting that scene has been difficult. It has been written and deleted several times. I refuse to let the overall story suffer because of my poor treatment of this series of connected scenes. So, I usually swap novels and write on UNBROKEN or pound out a section of this blog. 
Panama and the Philippines have a low rate of pay for their employees. Panama’s is bit higher than the Philippines. I have friends who have businesses in Panama. They report that their cost of labor is about the same as the USA because the employees and unreliable and so incompetent they need three or four to do the job of one. 
Philippines are noted for hard working employees. Like most countries where the Spanish dropped their anchor, the Philippines has more workers than jobs because of the enormous family size. They have exported their workforce for decades.  Businesses here seem to have more people working than is necessary as well. I haven’t seen the gross incompetence or unreliability like Panama, so I suspect the high employee ratio is because of the large family circles.
My ozone system is set up in my home here near Dumaguete. I have been making acquaintances with a lot of foreigners here. Mostly married to Filipina women. Since most of the guys are retired and they have much younger wives, I have decided to promote the side effects of the protocols used in treating circulatory problems. The secondary benefits (side effects) is an increased libido. This is not a joke. It’s actually the result of ozone cleaning out the arteries, veins, and capillaries. When the plumbing is clean and the prostrate is normalized, the blood can reach that libido pump.
I have one man using the system. I will introduce him to ozonated honey this morning and maybe next week he can witness a direct injection by my nurse. I will invites several others to participate. Perhaps we can reverse some of the aging and put more smiles on these Filipina women.
Panama has power outages and surges. They consistently had low voltage. Those conditions continue to damage my ozone generators. Here in the Philippines, the voltage is 220 rather then the 110 of Panama and the USA. We suffer many ‘brown outs’ due to more severe weather. My equipment is not experiencing the problems because of the higher voltage. Hurray for 220V 60cycle!
The United States and the Philippines are both having elections in 2016. Noteworthy news is being buried in the lower sections and interior pages of news reporting in favor of the HE SAID/SHE SAID bullshit of politics. It’s not high drama — It’s loose bowel syndrome.

Friday, January 15, 2016



The smart phone coupled with Facebook and other social media like Twitter, has spawned a new type of unproductive person. The LAME individual (Look At Me, Everybody). There’s a new generation of them — All over the world. Here’s how it works. A young woman (guys don't do this very often)begins taking selfies at some kind of gathering; maybe a swimming pool or a party. Then the woman posts thirty or forty of these ‘action shots’ on their face book. Now, all the friends that follow this LAME person hit a ‘like’ or more often, add a short comment. Then LAME responds to these comments and posts more photos; encouraging the other participants to follow suite. Soon, the circle becomes larger and the postings take on a life of their own, No one does anything but click ‘like’ and then make comments in their Facebook page.   (They are doing this while on your payroll) Kinda lame, right?

I enjoy being creative. Since I am experiencing good health I expect to write several more novels and invent a few more simple products before I vegetate, I’ve decided to sell my Ozone creations.

The medical ozone generator I have created is not a world crusher. The breathing apparatus is… or could be. I designed the BA so that it only works with my machine — none other. If I modified it somewhat, it would work with the Brockman two stage generators. It will not work with just an ordinary ozone generator. I could make it work with lesser models but have no inclination at this stage of my development.
Perhaps my age and the absence of deep pockets fuels my lack of initiative and any desire to take this small enterprise to a higher plateau. I’ve been operating out of my back pocket; refusing to take on partners or go into debt.  
What it needs is a business foundation plus the capital and talent to make it a viable product. It needs a way to increase the margins and a way to market; collateral material, web site, videos and distribution. All easy to accomplish with enough time and resources.
Meanwhile, I’m moving forward. Several people have witnessed the latest invention I’m doing — the air extractor. Making compressed air out of the flow of water. My second prototype proved my science to be correct. (water falling from 5 feet through my apparatus, generated enough air to blow up a balloon.) The next rendition of the unit produced 60 PSI from an overflow from my water tank.(a fall of 39 feet)
Prototype #3 is being engineered to provide energy to an entire home by the use of water flow from a domestic water supply. This invention could be a world changer… it has the ability to generate household power for half of what the BLOOM system is currently charging for their energy cell system. Plus, it needs no fuel. Just the kinetic power of water.
As I begin 2016 another year older, it is sad for me to report that additional years haven’t made me any wiser. Especially in the trust department.
When I sold everything in Panama to move to the Philippines, I issued credit to three ozone customers I thought were trustworthy. One, my fiend, Malcolm was sterling. He has a good character and paid me without qualms. The other two are a different story. Neither have paid and are unwilling to even return my e-mails. Both men are past eighty and receive the benefits of my Ozone Systems. One is very dependent on the age reversal benefits. The other man has a system for purifying his swimming pool plus I loaned him a unit to purify his drinking water. He hasn’t paid me nor has he returned the loner unit.
Now it’s time to label these two guys DUMB and DUMBER. 
Does either deadbeat dummy think I will ever repair their equipment if a problem occurs? I suspect they haven’t thought about that aspect. I would think these two octogenarians would have learned this simple truth: When someone makes a decision, they are either rewarded or suffer a consequence(s). Their combined reward is less than $1500. USD.
A short testimonial from a satisfied client.
Your machine is working wonders for me here at the farm.  Don’t undersell to the /Germans or the Chinese.  Your genius in creating your generators is worth millions and millions  because it is the greatest life Saviour of all time.  M
REARM AMERICA --  More on this subject -- next post.