Thursday, September 8, 2011

The View From Behind the Donation Can

Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 7th) was our first participation with the David Market. It was not well attended; by vendors, nor were there a lot of shoppers. Consequently, my observations of how we performed for Nutri Hogar are jaded. I was surprised at the number of North Americans that have never heard of the home for malnourished children. Even after Chris or I enlightened them, it usually resulted in a walk-away. The representative at our table for Nutri Hogar spoke no English so she was shy with North Americans. People in general gave us a wide berth…not wanting to participate in donating nor in dialogue. All in all it was a bust! But we’ll give it another go next week and maybe the week after that. Using a baseball metaphor, three strikes and we’re out.

Yesterday was the monthly gathering for THE GRINGOS OF DAVID. I understood they were to meet at the market and then decide on a restaurant for lunch and their meeting. Neither Chris nor I were invited to attend.

I have no idea where they went. I’m wondering what’s up with that? Is it the rattle of the near empty donation can?

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