Saturday, June 9, 2012


Writing a novel, either good or bad is a personal achievement of grand proportions.  From the original idea or inspiration, one has to develop characters, establish an outline, and then start the story; one character after another.  Being cognizant of where the plot points need to be, when to telegraph red herrings, and which characters you want totally exposed.  These tasks need to be determined ahead of all the other factors involved before one word is written.

REVOLUTION OF FOOLS was released by Amazon Kindle and B&N Pubit over the last two days. This novel is the sequel to MURDER IN PANAMA. 

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Join Jimmy Hart and his crew of zany characters as they thwart the takeover of the Panama Canal, take on South America’s bad guys and outperform all intelligence agencies, and avert an all out war in the Americas.  Set in tropical yet volatile Central America, Panama is the plum that other countries want to pick.  55,000 words of action-adventure. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Whether we admit to it or not, writers are part of the entertainment industry.  Every word uttered in a play, a song, a commercial, or a movie is the result of someone penning it on paper.  Every lecture on history or a documentary on a particular event or situation has been scripted by someone or adapted from a book.  Even so-called reality shows are scripted.  Political speeches are seldom written by the politician; someone writes every letter of every word.
All that being said, it’s galling to see most authors; especially fiction writers ducking the “Tag” entertainer. Personally, I like the tag.  I’m entertained when I write the story; even entertained when I’ve read it for the fortieth time. When I’m really entertained is when I’m releasing a new novel or screenplay.  That’s happening in several days.  REVOLUTION OF FOOLS, the second of my Jimmy Hart series will be released within a week.  MURDER IN PANAMA has been moderately successful.  Not earth shattering but it remains in the top ten percent of Amazon e-book sales.  Hopefully REVOLUTION OF FOOLS will receive that same moderate success.