Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reverse -- but not backward!

In the writing world there are certain standard procedures followed in most segments of the industry. Novels and Screenplays, my forte, are a good example. Usually a novel is written and then if it appeals to the movie industry, it is adapted to a screenplay.
A good example is DANCES WITH WOLVES. My friend, Michael Blake, wrote the novel, Dances with Wolves, and later adapted the story to a screenplay. The novel wasn’t doing especially well but his old friend (Kevin Costner) from their salad days in Hollywood, read the book and encouraged Michael to write a screenplay. The rest is history: Dances with Wolves was made into a movie and Michael won an Academy Award for his efforts.
An opposite approach was taken by Larry McMurtry. He’d written a screenplay specifically for John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Henry Fonda in 1972. It was entitled “Streets of Laredo”. The movie was never made so he used the story as an outline for the novel, “Lonesome Dove.” In 1986 Larry McMurtry was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
What’s the point of this post? I’m about to embark on the process of turning one of my screenplays into an eBook novel. It’s going to be a new approach for me. I’m looking forward to the experience.
“Empty Kayak,” a romantic adventure script was written in 2009. The backdrop is Panama in current times. I have it available in PDF form for those of you that wish a copy…just e-mail me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazon Kindle versus Barnes and Noble Pubit

The difference between Kindle publishing and Pubit publishing is like night and day – correction more like a cold arctic night and a warm tropical day. A lot of words to say that there is an enormous difference between the two e-book publishers. All in the favor of Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve used both and tend to agree with a statement made by another e-book author. “In a couple of years, Amazon will sell 85% of all e-books.”
The attitude toward authors that prevails in the BIG BOX book stores, like B&N and Borders is contra to the source that keeps them in business. They have no respect for Authors or Publishers. This lack of respect has carried over to their e-book business as well. I suspect the BIG BOX bookstore has outlived their time; soon to be replaced by a JIFFY LUBE and a Kindle.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pubic for the Nookie!

Around five yesterday morning I was able to upload my novel, ALASKA BE DAMNED to Barnes and Noble’s Pubit -- e-book format for the Nook. It was a very user friendly experience until I reached the point where one uploads the Book cover. The cover I chose for my original publication on Amazon’s Kindle would not upload. I want the Novel to have the same look and the price. Apples vs Apples. Evidently, the digital image has to be at least two thousand pixels along one side. I assume this requirement is for the color process on the Nook.

Soooo, my novel, Alaska be Damned, which is showing promise on Kindle, is residing in the bowels of the Barnes and Noble digital platform without a cover. It’s for sale…for those of you who use a Nook.

The cover, of ABD, seen here on my blog , was created from a photo taken by my father in 1956…right here in Panama. My brother scanned an old 35mm slide to create a digital image. I called him last night to see if he could find the slide and rescan it in a denser format. Perhaps this will work. Stay tuned….


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Opportunity to help!

From January 1 to March 31, I have pledged 100% of my Amazon Kindle royalties to Nutre Hogar. I’ve made that public and at the same time notified the staff at Nutre Hogar.

All that being said…there is an opportunity to help myself and my writing career as well. Self serving? Yes! This opportunity won’t be around long…I admit it.

My Novel, “Alaska be Damned” has reached a point in Amazon’s system that it won’t take too many more sales to push it over the crest and into the top 100 rankings. (that is a major career opportunity)


This is going to cost each of you $50….of which $35 will go directly to Nutre Hogar. (Amazon keeps the other 30%).

Go to my Kindle page;

Click on, ALASKA BE DAMNED, and then gift this book to ten friends. All you need is their e-mail address. They can accept the gift on any computer and most PDA devices. Please ask them to send this off to others and to give positive reviews on the novel.

This has to be accomplished in a timely manner …By the end of January, 2011.

I’ll appreciate your generous effort and I know the tykes at Nutre Hogar will too.

If you have any questions or comments, write or call.

Robert Hatting

(507) 6-809-4510

Saturday, January 15, 2011

One in a row!

It’s been over a month since I published on Amazon’s kindle store. I submitted five novels over this time period and submitted my sixth this morning. I’m watching the sales increase every week, but particularly, “Alaska be Damned.”

Every author wants feedback, especially positive remarks. The following is my first review.

“I started reading this literary gem on a Sunday evening and stayed up way too late as I didn't want to put it down. I couldn't wait to get home from work the next three evenings so I could continue this fine read.

Starting out as a fast paced, stormy Alaskan ship wreck rescue, this story develops into an intriguing and complex romantic mystery exposing political corruption.

At the same time as the story develops, the characters fully develop until you really know them. The geographic area and waterways are described so well that you feel like you have just spent the summer in Alaska and have gotten to know Alaskan life.”

Raymond Samek

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kindle Komments …for the Kindle Klub

Kindle Browser:

I had an internet outage last week. My modem was bad. It took two days for the Cable and Wireless technicians to respond. (Actually, that’s good service in Panama, folks!) I was at a loss and frustrated because I was in a transaction with a client from Costa Rica and really needed to let him know I wasn’t ignoring the deal. Then I remembered my KINDLE 3G. The browser put me back on-line. It was a deal saver.

Kindle MP3:

I’m still experimenting with the MP3 feature. I downloaded a few songs to my computer and then was able to easily transfer them to the Kindle. I can’t tell you how kool it is to sit in a car waiting for someone, reading a novel and listening to music…

Kindle Battery:

It still surprises me how long a charge lasts on my Kindle 3g. A very thrift appliance!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

E-Book update

I was just notified by the US Copyright office that my most recent novel, ExPat was registered successfully. This process is a painless compared to how it used to be. In the past, I had three novels copyrighted. It took weeks. Now, just a few keystrokes and it’s finished. Once the novel, ExPat returns from my editor, I will reformat it for delivery to Amazon Kindle. In addition it will be sent to Barnes & Noble Publishing for their NOOK.
I will make an announcement once the book is on sale.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just wrote the last sentence on my novel, ExPat.  68,000 words.  I'll let it sit for a few days while I work on Half Breed.  Then I'll go back and read it for continuity and clarity.  Then again -- then again, and then let it soak a few days more until I think all the words are in order.  Then the last read before I send it to my editor.
As you wait with baited breath...check out some of my other work now on Amazon.