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Sunday, June 6, 2010

(507) 6-809-4510 English
(507) 6-581-6169 Spanish

15’ New/custom Work skiff – Panga mold. $2500.00 Same hull without aft locker, $1500.00.

22’ New Panga, center console, bait locker, fish box. $14,000.00.

33’ Blackfin sportfisher. Twin 315 Yanmar diesels, $130,000.00 Fully equipped.

*Beach Restaurant* Seats 40, turn-key. Sits right on the seawall. $15,000.00.

New 17’ Panga. Heavy fiberglass construction. A fishing/workboat for only $2995.00.

36’ DeepSport New/Custom. Twin Toyota Nanni inboard diesels. Tuna tubes, baitwell, head, flybridge, tower and poles. Ready to go…$200,000.00.

*Panama Corporation* Contains over $500,000.00 in assets. 18,000 sq ft building on 3 acres

New 27’ center console Sport Fisher. $6995.00.

New 23’ launch. Heavy fiberglass construction. $3195.00.

1977 Land Rover $1200.00

Santana model 88. Diesel Engine, 4 speed, 4X4, rough but runs. The glass is good, aluminum body, the interior is not bad, I have the front bumper and most of the door panels, all four jump seats, etc. NO TITLE!!!! Selling as parts only. $1200. 00, or best offer. Might Trade.
In addition there is an extra front axle, differential, rear axles, trailer hitch, 3 extra wheels. Extra front and rear brake assembly.

CONSIDER US FOR YOUR NEXT AUCTION! Boats, equipment, cars, trucks, household, tools, machinery, antiques, livestock, farm and garden. Proven success in Panama.

ANGLER BOAT MOLDS - $130,000.00
Molds to build 25 ft. 27 ft and 29 ft boats. Package includes 15 rails, 10 Biminis tops, 10 gas tanks and 10 water tanks. Also included are 6 exhaust fans
Here is an opportunity to start a boat company. Molds are located in Miami, FL. To see photos of finished products, review their website.

A niche product for a niche market.
A well established pizza restaurant in alto Boquete is available on a turn-key basis. Fully equipped, well trained employees, and loyal customers. $25,000. or offer.


Almost 6 months since my last post -- my how time flies. Time to reassess my life. I suffered under the dilusion that I could write my way to fame and fortune. Having a couple of books published and one screenplay optioned is NOT a sterling career. It's really a lame attempt! So, I have decided to abandon the writing in order to get my financial house in order. I HATE BEING BROKE! Enough grieving over my last business loss.
My partner (Chris Smoot) and I have launched a new company here in Panama, called Isthmus Vessels & Equipment. I think we should be called Isthmus Traders, because we are delving into a lot more than just boats for sale. We currently have a dozen boats, 4 bussiness opportunities listed as well as some restaurant equipment, a couple of Panamanian Corporations, a classic vehicle and an ozone generator. We make our products and services known by publishing a flyer. We have them strategically placed all over Chiriqui and Panama City. We are about to embark on a plan to publish 4 pages and circulate it like a shopper. We will sell advertising to sponsor the printing. A very select sponsorship. One that doesn't sell products, but services. Phase 2 of the 4 page (photo trader type) periodical will be to have it translated into spanish and begin distribution into the core of Panama.
Stay tuned and look for our posters.