Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thieves rush in…

I was searching the internet yesterday to determine if I was stepping on someone with my upcoming novel, Blood Tide. It appears that am, so scratch that for a book title. I decided to see if someone was stepping on me. I searched for my best selling e-book, Alaska be Damned and discovered that some low-life Chinese blogger is advertising my book – lifted right out of Further investigation proved that my novel was being downloaded from a scummy Russian pirate site. They steal books, Software, Music, Movies, Games and other intellectual property. So, the count is: 948 books stolen from me and my publishing partner,

Everything I write is registered with the Library of Congress and Screenwriters Guild. I’ve contacted the copyright people with Amazon who will probably contact the appropriate authorities.

Will there be any retribution? I doubt anything will happen. There’s too many politics involved. However, I am going to wage a personal war against people like this. Stay tuned for further developments.

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