Sunday, December 25, 2011


Over the course of my writing career which spans fifty plus years (mostly journalism), I’ve always maintained a very realistic view of life and its crazy twists and turns. I’ve read a great deal and seem to be drawn toward the authors who were grounded in reality. I was never been a fan of paranormal, science fiction, or horror type writings. Stories that include a lot of divine intervention try my patience; same way with inaccuracies. Please don’t write a novel and have some eight-year old girl that plays on a Little League team become ‘better than the boys at stealing first base’. Or, in the same book, have a little league game go past six innings. That doesn’t happen unless it’s a tie score. If you’re going to write a novel featuring the military, YOU should know the difference between the army and the marines. To summarize, I usually write from experience. I’ve either done what I describe, been there, or saw it happen. I don’t need a lot of reference materials to write; just some journal notes to jog my memory.


In evaluating my book sales over this past year, I noticed several common threads to my better sellers. Also I determined why some of my novels and screenplays don’t sell well. Westerns, no matter how well written, are difficult to sell. Those that read them really like them but there just aren’t a lot of ‘western fans’ anymore. Formatting and editing hurt some of my work and I’ve resolved to repair those works by the end of the first quarter of 2012. Some folks don’t like to read screenplays. That I can’t control. However, there are some good stories included and perhaps by the end of next year several of the screenplays will be written into novels.

The novels that sell the best are:





The common thread that drives readers to recommend these novels is heroics. Not the knight against the dragon heroics but the courage it takes to fight the system (Ben Reed in ABD), the will and skill to right a lot of wrongs (Jimmy Hart in MIP), and the least probable character rising to the occasion during a natural disaster (Skid McMasters in LFS). PARTNERS, features a couple of characters (RC Bellars & Curtis Dawson), that strive for freedom and independence in a modern world that no longer rewards or even recognizes those traits.

SO, the PARADIGM SHIFT I mentioned will be away from romantic comedies and more toward the unsung heroics of ordinary people.

Currently I am writing a sequel to MURDER IN PANAMA, and a contemporary western that features the characters in PARTNERS. In the background I’m writing a non-fiction book. This book chronicles my health issues and my unorthodox solutions and techniques that allow me to live a full life in spite of several doctors’ dire prognosis.
Have a swell Xmas and New year!

Friday, December 16, 2011


The KPC plague (Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemases) that seems to be spreading throughout the hospitals and clinics of Panama appears to be out of control. The KPC virus has spread to almost all of the provinces and the powers to be are bewildered. Over one hundred deaths are now attributed to this infection. It’s a travesty of grand proportions.

When scientists wish to have a clean room; a locale where no germs can exist, they flood the sealed facility with Ozone to rid them of all microscopic impurities; including viruses. One would assume this technology is used in Panama’s Hospital Gorgas, where all medical research is being performed. If not, that’s a travesty, too.

Large Ozone generators have been used for years to reinstate flooded homes and vessels to pristine newness. After Hurricane Katrina, many of the upscale homes and hospitals were made pure by this process.

I’m truly sorry the medical community at large can’t see past their education. Many lives could have been and will be saved by applying these techniques from other industries.

On a personal note, I use medical grade Ozone to deal with my heart condition. It virtually saved my life.

My novel, MURDER IN PANAMA, discourses on the subject from time to time.

Season’s Greetings from Panama.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Yep, Xmas is drawing near. Personally, I don’t care for the holidays. I won’t list the many reasons; just one – SHOPPING. Gad, what a pain! This year like last…I’ll shop from my computer. Everyone on my Xmas list (all three) will get one of my e-books as a gift. ( I HAVE 8 NOVELS AND 6 SCREENPLAYS PUBLISHED + 1 NON-FICTION BUSINESS BOOK.)

I’d like you to consider giving my e-books for gifts. They can be downloaded on just about every PDA device imaginable including a PC or Mac. The Kindle and Nook each sport new models as well as the Ipad and a host of tablets and smartphones; all capable of accepting e-book downloads. THE PRICE FOR MOST OF MY WORK IS 99 CENTS! That’s right, less than a dollar.

There are a variety of genre’s; from period Western’s to contemporary Action/Adventure and Romantic Comedies. They are all available on and Barnes and Just click on either of the two URL’s and it will take right to my page.




Robert Hatting

Friday, December 9, 2011


As Amazon’s new program information became available to me, it became obvious that I had made a mistake to subscribe – I opted out because of the fine print. The lending library is for only those that currently own a Kindle and the price of enrollment in the free library is $79. The program is not available for overseas customers.

My mission is to expose my books and screenplays to as many readers as I can and hopefully they will come back and buy more. I’d like to give my books away for free but I can’t. So, everything is back to 99 cents. I made the change this morning at 4 am. I’m assuming by this evening all the prices will be back to 99 cents.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today Amazon Kindle announced a new program that changes the playing field between them and all other e-book retailers. Amazon has had the upper hand for some time. Now they are seeking a monopoly. However, they are also offering a lending program so more e-book patrons will be able to read for free. It’s complicated but I enrolled all of my novels and screenplays in their new program.

Today is the last day you can purchase my novels and screenplays for 99 cents. Starting tomorrow the prices will change. Not much; still less than a gallon of diesel or a bag of chips.

My novels and screenplays will no longer be available on Barnes and Noble Pubit. Sorry nook owners…your device is going the way of the beta max…

Act now and take advantage of this transition!