Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kindle Klub November 23, 2010

The initial thrust of the Kindle Klub was met with some positive responses, a couple of negative comments and of course there’s always the person that slams an idea because it wasn’t his/hers. Posting on chat rooms is akin to lecturing roosters – one has to deal with a lot of strut and crow before they get it!

I sent out over 600 notices and discovered a typo in the blog address. So, 600 people got to hear from me again. Oops! This predicated several recipients to request to take them off the mailing list. Some were polite others stern and some downright hostile. I guess I need to explain how I got 600 e-mail addresses. Some are friends and family but others came to me… over the years, soliciting or announcing something. I have a personal policy… if you contact me, someday I’ll contact you back. To use a boxing metaphor, you throw a left jab – expect a right cross in return. I’ve never understood people who make a big deal about being on someone’s mailing list. If you don’t like to receive something…just mark it SPAM. It’s not personal, it’s business.

Authors – Dianne, Bill, Larry, Dianne G., Charlie, and Michael B: some of you already are in the process of converting your work to e-books. A few of you are reluctant. If you publish on an e-book format, send a synopsis or excerpt… or both. I’ll post it for you.

Crystal Cowboy may be unavailable for the next twenty four hours. I was able to navigate through the publisher’s site and was able to reduce the price of my book.

I like this idea from Kim Norman :

Hi Bob,

While in the publishing blog page I noticed that I could copy the link to my profile in Facebook, so I did so. Now I have spread the word about your book. You might suggest that other people send out to friends. We like the story so far, and will possibly subscribe.

warm regards,

I’ll post other suggestions as I receive them.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crystal Cowboy on Kindle

As promised, I've posted an excerpt from Crystal Cowboy.  A romantic comedy with a rodeo backdrop.  I was notified by Amazon.com that  my e-book is on their shelves.

 Harp liked driving, Harp liked bull riding, and Harp liked knives. His three passions combined to give him a solid claim to happiness. Only two hickies nagged his mind. His mother and his soul mate. The deteriorating relationship with Goldie was a major concern; his quest for his soul mate was exasperating. He was constantly on the hunt…trying to find his mate.

Dahlia, queen of the Redmond seventeen, was a self proclaimed psychic counselor. Harp believed in her prophecies. Dahlia continued to stress the importance of seeking his kindred soul. She said that if he kept himself grounded and centered, his mate would appear in a dream. He’d know what she looked like and be further along in his search. So far, the only dream Harp could remember was a foot with four toes. It reoccurred often; a female quadped with four painted toe nails. Sometime the four toe foot image was a side shot, sometimes a bottom view, but mostly an aerial from above.

Harp spent about as much money each month visiting Dahlia as his mom spent on imported fruits and vegetables. Harp wasn’t concerned about the physic expense because Dahlia predicted his draws, his scores, and even the events he needed to turn out. Harp believed her prophecies were germane to his success. He was always mentally prepared. His competitors weren’t. Having the edge bolstered his confidence and courage. Very necessary ingredients for a champion bull rider.

I hope to be showcasing other Kindle authors.  Follow the blog and send along your work.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Over the years, when asked advice about business, I usually replied, "don't worry about the name of your business right now.  Although it is important, fine tune your business plan first."
I violated that cardinal rule.  I named the concept (kindle klub) before giving much thought to the structure of the idea. 
Sharing information about the Kindle Readers and the Kindle Library seems to be in the forefront of the concept.  However, there's another aspect -- self publishing through Amazon Kindle program.  I encourage you to participate at any level.  Simply follow the blog and write comments.  I'll paste them into my posts.
I share your book publishing frustration. I published 'Angels in Panama' in April and have since learned that it near impossible to promote a book using traditional methods when you are not physically in the U.S. I am also in the process of getting the book 'Kindle-ized'.
I really like your idea of a Kindle blog. Thanks Larry
I've made a feeble attempt thus far to promote this blog and idea. Any ideas for promotion, to reach Kindle users, would be appreciated.

Friday, November 19, 2010


A large section of time has elapsed since my last posting. Chris Smoot and I took a run at starting a "shopper" here in Chiriqui -- In two languages. Unfortunately, we were the only two people interested in the concept. We invested a lot of time and money, only to be dissapointed in the end. We dissolved our endeavor a month ago. So for me it's back to the basics. Writing and publishing.
I currently have one book in print. It's entitled PARTNERS. It was released in 2005. The timing was unfortunate. I was out promoting this contemporary western novel during the high hype of the movie "Broke Back Mountain". (the story of two homo's that wore cowboy hats). Without exception, when I was at a book signing, someone would ask, "is this the book about the gay cowboys?" The ensuing discussion always left a chill in the air -- resulted in poor sales.
I did a national tour with Michael Blake (author of Dances with Wolves). Michael was promoting his first non-fiction book, INDIAN YELL. Even piggy backing on his fame, book sales were marginal at best. I could never make the math work. Spend $12,000.00 promoting (travel, hotels, food, etc.) to sell 3000 books with a royalty payment of $.96 each. So, I quit and returned to my home in Panama. I continued writing, however. I have several completed manuscripts that have been reviewed by publishers and contracts issued. I didn't sign because I would have to return to the US to do the promotional gigs.
Electronic books have held an alure. For a decade, I've held the opinion that e-books are the future of publishing. Amazon dot com has blazed the way with their Kindle reading device. Each generation of this device has gotten smaller and less expensive. AND, their library of e-books has swollen to almost a million titles.
Yesterday, November 18th, 2010, I uploaded one of my manuscripts into Library of Congress (copyright office) and later, to the Amazon Kindle Library. I also ordered the latest Kindle with WIFI and 3G capabilities.
So, in summary, I joined the thousands of authors who've embraced e-books. Look for CRYSTAL COWBOY in the fiction section of the Amazon Kindle library.
Puro vida,