Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Dear friends,

I’m embarking on a very radical adjustment to my life – I beginning the process to retire; not die, but to retire.    

BACKGROUND -- My ozone business was spawned out of necessity.  I needed a back-up for my old Brockman system.  None were available except on a 3 year waiting list, so I made one myself.  In doing so I invented a system that continued curing my heart condition, but also a host of other major maladies as described below.  Over the past several years, I’ve tried in vain to create a business model to provide the benefits of my medical ozone system to those in need -- regardless of their financial situation.  Ozone Centers were created by eliminating capital investment -- a very simple plan. (I provided the Ozone system on a per minute rental basis) – the operator paid an equivalent of $750 USD and provided the facility.  People were trained, clients were cured, but the business model didn’t work; not even close to what I had planned.  The ozone center operators made money, the clients got their treatments and were regaining their health, but I didn’t get paid for my systems. One entire system was stolen. So, I went back to selling the units rather than leasing them by the minute. Unfortunately sales have been weak. Perhaps that is my fault (I’m better at creating than marketing). By moving my operation out of Panama and into the Philippines, I have been able to lower the cost by almost $1000 per system.  I’ve passed those savings on to the customer. However, this price reduction has not stimulated sales.   
Other factors concerning this radical shift I’m announcing are as follows: I have had lost deliveries of components and machines, units have been damaged by customs officials, and several individuals have tried to discover the secrets to my inventions by taking them apart and consequently destroyed their systems. (And then… AND THEN … having the temerity to demand replacements because their reverse engineering didn’t work).  I financed a unit for a dear friend and have not been paid but a fraction of the value. The list goes on and on…  
This has to change!


Nothing, nada, zip…

I’ll write off the enormous amount of money (my life savings) I invested to invent and develop a  system that cures just about every major malady; cancer, heart disease, MS, Parkinson, stroke, diabetes, Hepatitis, STD’s, Dengue, ED, and a host of other minor conditions. I’ll forget about selling to the Chinese or Germans or any other foreign entity.

I have several systems in my inventory that will eventually sell.  I’m not going to fret over this low cycle in my achievements.  Perhaps someday I will find someone who captures my respect and I will give him/her/them my business and inventions.  Time will tell.

The background whispers in my mind tell me to continue the leasing program (ozone centers) here in the Philippines but dial in my significant other to administer and enforce the lease payments.  This whisper is becoming stronger every day. Plus I invented a medical grade unit that runs off 12 volt – a major advantage (portability) to veterinary practices and to the sports medicine industry. 

In the meantime I will continue to write my novels and other material, travel locally, and then expand travel to other parts of Asia.  I’ll still base myself in the Philippines, but don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep one day!