Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Other than my time on the ranch last month, the only positive aspect of my trip to the US was the reuniting with a few photos from my younger years.
Left to right, Bob Hatting, Bob Jacobson, Brent Creason, Ted Creason, Ron Siler, Mert Hunking, Jack Hammack, Rich Rollins, Bill Erickson, Ed Bagley, Dick Allen, Jerry Koch

The photo in this posting was taken in the spring of 1973.  The location is an area of Central Oregon called Grandview. (Near Lake Billy Chinook). The photographer, Fred Farrien, captured a rare moment; the WILD BUNCH was all in one place.  Usually we were riding at full speed chasing a herd of horses owned by Sombrero Stock Contractors.  Over 100 horses were turned out in the fall (after rodeo season) and allowed to run free on a peninsula that encompassed around 80,000 acres.  Each spring several of us were invited to bring our personal horses and help gather the stock.  It usually took the better part of a week. 

Memories fade over time but photos help us recapture those special moments in our life.  This photo was blown up and framed.  I had it in my home and office for many years.  It currently resides in the back room of my friend’s ranch in Vail, AZ. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The tone of the stories make it sound like there was a big upset when Brazil beat Panama in the final game of the World Baseball Classic.  To baseball fans all over the world it was considered an upset.  Our small country of Panama has fielded excellent teams in the past and has the reputation as a baseball powerhouse.  No one expected the upstart, Brazil, to bring their ‘A’ game.  Well, they did.  They beat Panama twice in the series qualifier and advanced into the 2013 classic.  Panama has nothing to be ashamed of.  They played well. Let’s put this in perspective. 
Brazil has a population of 198,000,000. (look at all those zeros, folks)
Panama has a population just a shade over 3,000,000. 
So, that’s 66 times more people to draw on for outstanding players.  SIXTY SIX TIMES MORE PEOPLE!!
Panama lost their last game 1 to 0. My hat is off to Manager Roberto Kelly and his entire team; all stars in my thinking.
Kinda makes you wonder.  What would happen if Panama diverted their sports resources to baseball instead of futbol?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, I began to wind down my business involvement and focus on a few unfinished novel outlines.  Within a year, I was fully divested of my business interests and devoted my time to rewriting my novel, PARTNERS, and finishing THE LAST FRUIT STAND ON GUAM and ALASKA BE DAMNED.  I was tickled pink when PARTNERS was picked up by a publisher.  Once it was out, I took the show on the road.  The rest of this story ends with everything I’ve written placed into the e-book format and for sale through AMAZON, and all the other e-book sellers.  Sales have been sporadic and sometimes very disappointing.  Overall, however, I make more at the bottom line than I did when I was doing the ‘book tour’. 
Now it’s time to turn another page in my life.  I’m going back into business and letting the writing-book marketing endeavor slide to the back burner.  I have ten novels published.  I have six screenplays ready for the silver screen.  My eleventh novel is finished but not yet edited or formatted. I expect to have it on the shelf soon. 
My new endeavor allows me to work at my own pace and it creates jobs for Panamanians.  In addition, it will upgrade the quality of life for those people involved; clients and associates.   

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DON’T LIKE THE RESULTS? You have options!

Panama has an open door policy due to its growing economy and the need for outside investors.  Those of you in the USA who don’t like the outcome of the recent presidential election and are considering moving away, Check out Panama.   Consider the following:
If you have an income coming from outside Panama, you don’t pay income taxes; only a 7% sales tax on certain goods and services. Property taxes are mostly deferred on high priced homes, nonexistent on homes valued under 35 grand, and none at all and if you rent or lease -- nada!
Should you choose to build a business here, the game changes and you will need expert legal assistance.
A myriad of ex-patriot communities have been established over the years.  More are springing up each year. Sales of luxury homes were flat for a few years but are gradually beginning to move.
There are choices and consequences, folks.  That doesn’t mean you have to live with the choice of someone else.  Come on down!!!
I can be reached via my e-mail at the top of my Blog.  I have lived here for eight years; for a modest retainer paid to my Panamanian partner we can help you through the maze of resettlement.