Wednesday, May 23, 2012


That period of time between the final rewrite of a novel and the last changes after editing is a very calm time; like sending your kid to a babysitter.  Most writers take a break or begin scheduling promotions; writing letters to publishers or agents.  Indie authors, like me don’t mess with that process.  We know we will be published somewhere in e-book format. There are no negotiations of royalties; it’s laid out by the various e-book retailers. An indie writer can choose one or all retailers. Currently I have my work for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. (only 3 titles). 
I’m about to launch all my work( 9 novels & 6 screenplays) with e-PrintedBooks.  This new store is currently being developed and it pays directly to the author when a sale is made.  The split is 80/20 in favor of the author.  Being paid upon the sale is a HUGE advance in the retailing of e-books.  Right now we are waiting for some last minute programming and testing processes. Mid-June is the scheduled launch date.   This is another CALM BEFORE THE STORM.  There are 700,000 plus indie authors.  I'm confident that over time most of them will add their inventory to the e-PrintedBooks retail store. It costs them nothing and one would hope every author would help promote the site to their readers. A win/win/win.  Those readers that don’t have a credit or debit cards can buy books via PayPal.

I’m excited for Steve at ePrintedBooks.  Check out his site.    

Friday, May 4, 2012


My first novel, OIL SPILL, was handwritten on whatever paper scraps I could find while working on the Alaska Pipeline in 1975.  I later typed it on an old Olivetti portable and used carbon paper so I would have a copy.

A lot has happened in the past thirty-seven years; including the world of authors.  Technology has improved past anyone’s imagination, so collaboration can be accomplished from worlds apart. 

I’m about to embark on a joint venture to write a novel with another author.  So far we haven’t done any more than communicate via e-mail. Our communication will ramp up as get closer to the final concept.  The other author is a woman who lives in London. We’re about to embark on a project that will meld the minds of two people that have never and could be not be more different; even their writing styles.

Why would we do this you may ask?  Simple – because we can.  The technology and the markets are here.  E-books and internet retailers make this possible. The only reason we would fail is the loss of desire and discipline. I believe both of us have those character traits.