Wednesday, January 30, 2013


HART RULES! The third in the Jimmy Hart series is now available for sale.  My thanks to Steve Caresser, & Melissa Gray for their enormous help in the formatting and editing.  I also wish to offer a special thanks to Ed Wheeler for the loan of his artistic B&W photo.  It takes book covers into another dimension.

If you’ve already read, MURDER IN PANAMA or REVOLUTION OF FOOLS, numbers one & two in the series, don’t miss HART RULES!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Not much has been written in my blog for some time.  I’ve been distracted. 

Since I resolved to place my writing on a back burner and return to the world of business, not much thought has been put into blog postings. A fleeting phrase or idea would take a quick lap around the cerebral racetrack but not enough substance would trigger an urge to post. 

The business I started is a non-technical memorization course to bring English to the Spanish speaking Panamanians in six weeks.  Preparing for the launch of this business has consumed a great deal of my time.  Details are boring so I won’t delve into them at this time.  However, during the development stages, I involved a Panamanian partner in the system. Her knowledge of the local culture and her genius helped immensely in the fine tuning of the business plan and the course material.
It was unfortunate we had to hold several of our ‘board meetings’ at the beach, in the mountains and other destinations in Chiriquí, Panama. Oh, well, such is life in the tropics. We’re two months past my mental timeline in launching the new business but that’s okay.  All business and no pleasure – NOT NOW & NOT HERE!