Thursday, September 15, 2011


Writing is fun. Seeing an outline or idea come to fruition is exciting and kinda kool. The rest of the crap that accompanies publishing either a novel or screenplay is unrewarding and a downright pain in the ass.

The US library of congress is where you go to copyright a novel or non-fiction book. In the new millennium it’s possible to do it electronically. The first time it takes on average two days of fiddling with their system and being guided by through the maze by a retarded and blind baboon. (Press 1 for stupid, press 2 for blood pressure medicine.) I just uploaded my novel MURDER IN PANAMA. The fee was $35.00. (food for the baboon?). Since this is my eighth novel, I was able to glide right through the process in fifty-six (56) minutes. I will receive a certificate with my confirmation number in approximately six months if I’m lucky. Registering a screenplay is soooo much easier. I just send the script to the SCREENWRITERS GUILD and pay my fee. They issue a registration number right away and I’m finished.

Building covers, proofreading, editing, rewriting, soliciting reviewers and determining where the book fits (which genre) is just part of the process. It needs to be completed before the e-book can go on sale. Then the publishing process begins; Amazon is slick and quick. Barnes and Noble, not so much.

The end of this story… MURDER IN PANAMA may be available in another week or two.

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