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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boredom, Books, and Ozone Therapy

Almost two months has lapsed since my heart attack. My recovery is slow but sure. My diet had to change…it has and it is boring. Eating foods without sodium or salt is a much larger challenge than one would think; also a lot of work. I have to make everything from scratch like Grandma did; baking bread, muffins, biscuits, and soon making mayonnaise and mustard. Everything on the grocery shelves is loaded with sodium; to me it’s the same as arsenic.

In my spare time between lowering my blood pressure by camping in my hammock, I was able to finish the first draft of HALF-BREED, a period western set in southern Arizona. I’ll start the rewrite next week.

I feel better due to a regime of ozone therapy. I drink a half gallon of ozonated water every day and three times a week I’m injecting 25 to 35 cc’s of ozone gas directly into my blood stream. I expect to hold at 35 cc’s for another week and then advance to 50 cc’s each session until I finish in seven more weeks. For more information;

I’m confident that two months from now my Doctor will pronounce me healed.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Refusing to learn new things or seek broader horizons appears in many forms at any age. This attitude is a weakness of character and in many cases is just plain stupid and dangerous. For ex-patriots, refusing to learn to use cell phones, computers, the internet and PDA devices is akin to forced isolation; especially here in Panama. Communication is extremely important. After my heart attack my brother, Bill and I video chat several times a week. That way he can see me and determine for himself if I’m okay. There’s a myriad of IP phone systems available and they are an inexpensive method to reach loved ones around the world. But – you have to be willing to embrace today’s technology.

The unwillingness to learn Spanish is another example of willful ignorance. I know a gringo that has lived in Panama for fifteen years yet refuses to learn the language; expecting others; bilinguals, to handle his affairs. He’s a joke in the community. If you live in a Latin country and don’t make an attempt to adapt to language and culture, it’s a major insult to your host country and you will be held in contempt for your willful ignorance!

Living abroad in a non-English speaking country without a Kindle or some other electronic reading device is also a form of willful ignorance. I’ve heard all the excuses: “I like the feel of a book.” “The written word needs to be on paper.” “How can one appreciate a book on a gizmo?” If you are guilty of remarks like those, shame on you! E-books are not just a passing notion or fad. This is a major paradigm shift in the book industry. Kazillions of trees are being saved! There are over a million books available to me on my Kindle. I can download over three thousand and hold them in the unit that weighs the same as my cell phone. The battery charge holds for three to four weeks and in a pinch, I can use the unit to check my e-mails or surf the web. I’m able to change the size of the font so in some cases I can read without my glasses. E-books are inexpensive. Most sell for less than a Starbuck’s latte and a lot of the older books are free. I can buy my books from anywhere; from a bohio on the beach, horseback in the mountains, or lying in my hammock.

Advancing years is not an excuse for willful ignorance. My mother learned to use a computer when she was in her eighties and stayed in touch with my brother and me by e-mail right up until a couple of years before she passed at age 99.

The world is changing and it’s changing rapidly. Welcome aboard but leave your willful ignorance behind.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jack London once wrote … “a dead man controls the situation!”

Those words certainly ring true in today’s world.

The world is abuzz about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Pundits and politicians all have an opinion, the public in the US seems joyous, and the major newspapers have kept it “top of the fold”. Even the Internet news reporters keep spinning the story.

The story has displaced the news about the royal wedding, Charlie Sheen’s troubles and the Lindsay Lohan debacles. It even overshadows the NFL draft, and who’s wearing what on the red carpet. For that, I’m personally pleased.

Now it’s time for the books to be released. Unless they were written by members of the SEAL 6 team, they’ll probably be counterfeit…

I was sent all 4 manuscripts by the man himself; we’ll publish them in the following order.


OOPS! I JUST SHIT MY PANTS by osama bin laden

SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES by osama bin laden


Now everyone who reads this blog will realize this is a joke…but it will be criticized. I don’t care!