Thursday, September 22, 2011


. This letter was sent to on September 16th.  I followed up and resent it 2 days ago.  I have NOT received any reply or even an acknowledgment of receipt.  It gives me pause.

Dear Amazon copyright person,

If you Google the blog BELOVAPOLIDWQ it will take you to this site:, you will see that my novel, Alaska be Damned was lifted from your Amazon Kindle site and is available via this pirate website. I would expect many other products from Amazon are also being sold by these thieves. I counted 948 downloads of Alaska be Damned. This novel and everything I have published on Your Kindle store is copyrighted in the Library of congress. This specific book's registration number is TXu 1- 738-979. Effective date of registration is december 15, 2010.

I have never issued the rights to any of my work except by publishing on and Barnes & Noble. I know this was pirated from Amazon as the cover is slightly different on the Pubit site.

I would appreciate any help you can give me in regard to this matter.


Robert Hatting

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