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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Panama continues to suffer from periodic outbreaks of KPC virus in their hospitals and clinics. In addition, the water system in Panama is grossly substandard. People are dying at an alarming rate because of unclean facilities and water born bacteria's. This is not new. Read my blog posting from December 16, 2011. 3 years ago.

Nothing seems to have changed and no one is being held accountable. The willful ignorance of my adopted country is truly frustrating. I can’t sit idle and watch people die when I have created a solution. The trick is to get the Government of Panama to give audience to an old retired gringo.

For this reason, I have decided to refocus marketing the Old Tree model 06 medical unit to sanitize medical facilities and the model 03E to purify water systems. The medical unit will still be available for personal/home use, for clinics, and for group or family purchases. However, it is no longer my main thrust. The model 03E, the commercial model, is currently purifying the water system of a hotel/resort, two private residence households, and being installed in a hotel swimming pool. However, I ‘m taking my invention to a higher level. I hope to break into the medical and industrial industries with a hybrid unit I have recently developed. Also, I’m currently working on a unit which can also provide water purification in remote areas without electricity. These off-the-grid units will also be available for the marine industry.

I’ve been diligent in searching the internet for problems my new invention (machine) can solve. I believe the highest and best use is for water and medical facility sanitization. More people can be helped. 
I’ve included some of the information I gleaned from the internet — these articles/fact-points are not written by one individual — they are a compilation.

According to Dr. Dick Zoutman of Queen's University in Canada, over 100,000 people die every year in North America alone, due to hospital-acquired infections. It would only seem to follow that hospitals need to be kept cleaner. Sealing operating rooms and infusing highly concentrated ozone will ostensibly purify the facilities. The leading provider for hospital ozone purification systems is a company in the UK. Their machine is the size of a commercial copy machine and sells for sixty thousand euros. (about $80,000 usd). My new invention, the OLD TREE model 06 will perform on an equal or better basis and sells for less than four thousand dollars.

According to studies performed in Latin America, over 70% of the lower income and poor families suffer from various forms of intestinal ailments caused by impure water (h-pylori, parasites and others). Third world countries have not yet embraced the concept of water born bacteria causing health issues. They filter out the sediment and consider it potable. Nor have the governments and local industries adopted the commercial side of ozone applications. The OLD TREE model 03 prices begin at less than two thousand dollars and can serve several households.

Below is an overview of the commercial aspects of Ozone.

The largest use of ozone is in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, synthetic lubricants, and many other commercially useful organic compounds, where it is used to sever carbon-carbon bonds. It can also be used for bleaching substances and for killing microorganisms in air and water sources. Many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria with ozone instead of the more common chlorine. Ozone has a very high oxidation potential. Ozone does not form organochlorine compounds, nor does it remain in the water after treatment.  Where electrical power is abundant, ozone is a cost-effective method of treating water, since it is produced on demand and does not require transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals. Once it has decayed, it leaves no taste or odor in drinking water. Low levels of ozone are of disinfectant use in residential homes, having substantial effect on airborne pathogens.

Industrially, ozone is used to:

  • Disinfect laundry in hospitals, food factories, care homes etc;
  • Disinfect water in place of chlorine;
  • Aqueous ozone has been effectively used to disinfect drinking water, cooling towers and for wastewater treatment
  • Sanitize wine barrels before filling;
  • Deodorize the air in smokers rooms in the hotel industry;
  • Deodorize air and objects, such as after a fire. This process is extensively used in fabric restoration;
  • Kill bacteria on food or on contact surfaces;
  • Sanitize swimming pools and spas;
  • Kill insects in stored grain;
  • Scrub yeast and mold spores from the air in food processing plants;
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables to kill yeast, mold and bacteria;
  • Chemically attack contaminants in water (iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, and complex organics lumped together as “colour”);
  • Provide an aid to flocculation (agglomeration of molecules, which aids in filtration, where the iron and arsenic are removed);
  • Manufacture chemical compounds via chemical synthesis;
  • Clean and bleach fabrics (the former use is utilized in fabric restoration; the latter use is patented);
  • Assist in processing plastics to allow adhesion of inks;
  • Age rubber samples to determine the useful life of a batch of rubber;
  • Eradicate water borne parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium in surface water treatment plants.

For more than a century, ozone has been used in Europe for purifying drinking water and is currently used in the United States for purifying bottled water and decontaminating cooling towers. The city of Los Angeles currently uses ozone to purify its water supply.

Ozone is a reagent in many organic reactions in the laboratory and in industry. Ozonolysis is the cleavage of an alkene to carbonyl compounds.

Many hospitals in the U.S. and around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining bacteria.

Ozone is used as an alternative to chlorine or chlorine dioxide in the bleaching of wood pulp. It is often used in conjunction with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the need for chlorine-containing compounds in the manufacture of high-quality, white paper.

Ozone can be used to detoxify cyanide wastes (for example from gold and silver mining) by oxidizing cyanide to cyanate and eventually to carbon dioxide.

Applications targeted to Consumers

Devices generating high levels of ozone, some of which use ionization, are used to sanitize and deodorize uninhabited buildings, rooms, ductwork, woodsheds, boats and other vehicles. My experience — be careful. Most machines on the market are from China and they don’t work! In fact they often cause more harm than good.  When ozone meets ambient air, it creates nitrous oxide.  Breathing this gas can be harmful.

Air purifiers emit low levels of ozone. This kind of air purifier imitates nature’s way of purifying the air without filters and to sanitize both it and household surfaces.

Ozonated water is used to launder clothes and to sanitize food, drinking water, and surfaces in the home. Studies at California Polytechnic University demonstrated that 0.3 ppm levels of ozone dissolved in filtered tap water can produce a reduction of more than 99.99% in such food-borne microorganisms as salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7, and Campylobacter. Ozone can be used to remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.***

Ozone is used in home swimming pools and spa pools to kill bacteria in the water and to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine required by reactivating them to their free state. Ozone is also widely used in treatment of water in aquariums and fish ponds. Its use can minimize bacterial growth, control parasites, and eliminate transmission of some diseases. There are many dissolved organics that can discolor your water, ozone will oxidize these and produce water that is crystal clear.

*** Since I live in the tropics, I cannot trust some of the fruit and vegetable vendors to be organic. I wash everything thoroughly with ozonated water and then place my vegetables; lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery in a stainless or glass bowl of ozonated water. The container is refrigerated and has proven to add days to the freshness and crispness of the vegies. Romaine lettuce has lasted 2 weeks.


I need a volunteer to come learn to use my ozone generator and protocols. This volunteer then needs to take the unit (which I will donate) and their knowledge to Africa and solve the Ebola threat to the world. This virus may soon mutate to a an airborne strain and then many people are doomed.

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