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As I delve further and further into the technology of Ozone generators, I have begun to understand why the medical community is slow to embrace the Ozone therapy protocols.
Besides the fact that with the proper equipment most of the revenue from medical treatments would disappear, it is the inconsistent performance of the Ozone Therapy practitioners. The therapist is only as good as his/her equipment and training.

As my technical knowledge improves — (building my OLD TREE generators forces me to dig deeper) I have discovered more and more flaws in the components of the ordinary ozone generator. Even the Brockman, which I used for years, has some assembly shortcuts I find disturbing.
Many other units on the market have a lot of gadgets that are just that -- gadgets.  The flow meter for oxygen belongs on the regulator. I true reading is required, not a second hand calibration.  Why do these people insist on rheostats on their generators. All this does is turn down the voltage on the transformer. Lower voltage creates poor molecule arrangement and consequently less ozone. I’ve owned machines with all these dials and lights. They are truly a joke. WHY would anyone desire less ozone from an Ozone generator? All of these fancy and unnecessary dials, gauges, lights and buttons are to impress the practitioner and patient.  Just relate it to a vehicle; cup holders will not make your car run better -- gadgets won't heal you!

The process for making Ozone is very simple. Nature does it with lightening. Zap oxygen with enough electrical voltage and the 02 molecules will split into two 01 molecules. Scramble these O1’s in a contained tube of some kind by continuing to zap them with high voltage, and they begin to bind together as O3 — ozone.

Okay, we just created ozone. The gas is contained in a tube and will run into a hose to be used in a variety of forms; purifying water, removing mold and mildew, making medical ointments and even used by scientist to purify a ‘clean room’.

Ozone gas is very unstable. All these O1’s want to return to become O2 again. Within a very short time, this gas deteriorates and become straight oxygen again. When ozone gas hits the ambient air, it become nitrous oxide — that’s what you smell. Pure ozone, reportedly, has no color or odor.

25 years ago, Peter Brockman invented a 2 stage ozone generator that enhanced the O3 and made it clump together using ultra sound. The 06 &09 clumps allowed for rapid absorption into the bloodstream when injected. I have used his company’s generators for years. They were in a class all by themselves because of the tremendous healing powers of O6, O9, and sometimes O12. My contemporaries and I injected the gas directly into our vein. It has cured many major malady health problems. (see photo at end of post)

Recently, I invented a 2 stage machine that uses simple yet leading edge technology. Users receive the same if not better results with my quartz modulator. So far, the practitioners who use the OLD TREE, sing high praises. For that I am thankful. The only negative side to my invention is its size and weight. The Brockman people spent hours designing and assembling the components into a small plastic container. Their second stage is contained in the last one-third of the corona discharge tube. The oversize single transformer is also split into 2 stages. So, their unit is lighter in weight and has a smaller footprint.

I took a different approach. Perhaps it is part of my personality regarding form vs function. Function always wins in my world. My OLD TREE unit is housed in a welded aluminum case, 9” by 9” by 15”. It’s extremely durable. The marine aluminum is well ventilated and it houses a very powerful fan to cool the components. The rectangular shaped case has a folding handle on the top and all the fasteners are stainless steel. The fittings are brass and the wiring harness is marine grade. It weighs 16 pounds. It is perhaps the simplest unit on the market to use. There are only 2 moving parts; the switch and the fan. There is no need for any other gadgets; no lights, dials, gauges or other superfluous accouterments. The unit produces very strong ozone and the quartz modulator clusters the 03 particles into 06, 09, 012 and perhaps higher. Thus far the healing capabilities have been impressive.


Major components of the OLD TREE are manufactured specifically for me; the inventor/designer. The Corona discharge tube is made from an off the shelf unit and then modified to my specifications. Once modified and tested is is shipped to another locale in North America where it is tweaked and tested and finally finds its way to Panama. The quartz modulator is made specifically to my specifications and is not available to any other purchaser. (I have 2 different factories in 2 different countries manufacturing this proprietary component.) This Modulator is modified in a factory in Canada and modified again by me here in my Puerto Armuelles shop. The transformers come from 2 different countries as do the fittings, hoses, and electronic assemblies. The aluminum case is hand crafted in a metal/fiberglass shop here in Panama — it’s the only local part of the OLD TREE system. All components and parts eventually merge to my shop where they are assembled by me or someone supervised by me.


OLD TREE ozone generators are built for lifetime use. Therefore the assembly process is painstaking lengthy; attention to detail and procedures trump everything else. The ancillary parts to the machines are high quality. The fasteners are all stainless steel, the aluminum case is rugged yet compact, and the interior wiring is double soldered and grounded in more than one area.

Testing & warranty:

Each component is tested multiple times during the assembly process. Once the final stage is reached, the entire unit is subjected to a stress test; dropped from 2 ft, turned in every direction, swung to simulate the g-force created by baggage handlers, and the final test is an injection of 50cc’s into my veins.

Price and terms:

The M06 model is $3300.00 USD. $1000.00 deposit -- delivery within 30days.

Additional models and applications:

Household water purification system (ambient air)

Swimming pool system (ambient air)

Bilge water system (12 volt or 110 volt)

Livestock system (12 volt or 110volt)

Commercial water supply (oxygen tanks or oxygen maker)
My friend being injected with 50 cc's of ozone gas by nurse, Julia.

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