Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Several months have passed since I posted to either of my blogs; BLAIR-PACIFIC PUBLISHING or ISTHMUS TRADER. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say — I was really busy. I’m still busy but I need to activate both of the platforms for a variety of reasons.
BLAIR-PACIFIC PUBLISHING was initially created to be the platform from which I promoted my writing; specifically my 13 novels and 6 screenplays. My intentions are to continue to use it for those purposes from time to time but my career as an author has waned. A decade was dedicated to this endeavor with disappointing results. I still write but it is no longer my primary focus. As a matter of fact, it has slipped to 4th place since I moved from David to Puerto Armuelles.

ISTHMUS TRADER was created to broker boats. It morphed into a classified paper and eventually went back to offering large vessels for sale in association with another marine broker. It lies dormant because the author (me) was distracted these past six months.

Both blogs will be revived but with a much different bent. BP will be a catch-all. Opinions in general, articles about my Ozone Generator business, promotions of my novels from time to time — back stories on current happenings, and a platform for whatever I choose.

IT is going to be the sales blog for whatever product or service I choose to sell or trade. Although focusing on Panama, some of the items like my Ozone Generators will be exposed to other parts of the world. On occasion I may include a friend or associates goods or services but in reality, most of what will be exposed for sale will be from yours truly.

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