Friday, June 6, 2014


From Robert Hatting, GM
Old Tree Ozone systems

This notice is current as of June 6, 2014.

If all goes well, a special Ozone Therapy room in my home here in Puerto Armuelles will be operable, next week. Our nurse, Julia Andreda Gough, is currently training one additional local nurse and perhaps a second in the near future. A full range of protocols will be available. Injections are being scheduled for twice a week.

The SD diet teas is now available in packets that make one gallon. $3.00 per packet. I used this tea over the last six weeks and successfully lost 20 pounds. Query me for details.



One(1) M06, Medical grade 2 stage ozone generator --new. $3300.00 outright purchase or 3 year lease $175.00 per month. (components for 2 additional units en-route to Panama.)

One(1) HHO3, new $950.00. Household grade. Lease not available.

Two (2)new in box Oxygen regulators(for large tank) $125. each.— Puritan brand (like the one I use) with flow meter.

One (1) Brockman medical grade Ozone Generator — used. $3500. Or trade for like value.

One (1) Ram pump 3/4” inch feed/ 1/2” delivery. $750.00. (kinetic power pumping system - no other power needed)

*Household and Swimming pool ozonation projects as well as the Ram pump lift systems are available. Prices based on specifications and needs.

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