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Sunday, November 30, 2014


The shifting winds of business, the e-book industry, and the state of the world has motivated me to pick up the pen again and rejoin all my fellow authors in giving away their creativity and hard work.
Do you see a left handed criticism in that last sentence. Good. I meant to begin this blog post with a slam against one of the major book retailers in the world. A retailer who will give everything I wrote away for free if you join their ten dollar a month club.

I decided the best way to fight Amazon’s insensitive program is to provide my work on a freebie basis — as much as Amazon will allow. It’s evident the readers of digital books are expecting books for free. The world has turned — entitlement has become the population posture.

The bottom feeders are taking full advantage of the trend and the desperate authors are taking the bait. The free book blogs currently rule. Give me a dollar and I’ll toss you a dime! This old carnival hustle has been around for centuries. I personally will not subscribe to those sites that charge to promote author’s work. In fact, other than editing, formatting and the copyright fees, I refuse to spend any more money on my writing endeavors. Novels number fourteen, fifteen and sixteen have been languishing in the bowels of my hard drive. Number 14 is destined to be completed by the first quarter of 2015. The others are in various stages and will come along as they are ready. For now, I’ll focus on fourteen. I’ll set the internal alarm clock an hour earlier and begin putting words together.

Book promotion begins again today, 11/30/14. I intend to give away all of my titles except the two volumes; the Hart trilogy, and Tucson Territory. The efforts of posting to the social media sites will be sporadic because of the demands of my primary business; manufacturing Ozone generators under the label, OLD TREE OZONE. This is the core of my life. My quartz modulator invention and subsequent applications of the machine and protocol, enhance the health and well being of humans and animals. My novels are just entertainment.

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