Sunday, May 10, 2009

Transition of Power in Panama

Today, May 10th, seven days after winning the election, Panama's President Elect Ricardo Martinelli, formally presented his choices for cabinet posts. The short announcement was made with Martinelli front and center, surrounded by his ministers of choice. Frankly, I am impressed. His new administration has to hit the ground running on July 1st. He is not wasting time with posturing and pandering. His laid back and informal attire (open collar shirt with slacks) contradicts his presence. His choices have to perform to meet his campaign promises. I suspect he will not accept excuses or delays. He only has five years in office to accomplish his agenda. Since he can't run again, I expect him to devote the entire time governing and not campaigning. Those cabinet members that were fomally presented this morning were a mix of men and women with varying ages. I have not seen their resume's but one has to assume they were chosen and veted long before the election was final. I wish them well.

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