Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's twenty bucks, now shut the hell up!!

This morning, I received three e-mails. One from the General Manager of Airbox Express and two from the David agent, Natalia. I also received a phone call from Natalia. They are giving me a $20 credit. Why? Oh, yeah, the GM read the post on "Gringos in David" that mentioned the $26. overcharge on my one pound package and of course the directions to read the details on this blog.
As much as I appreciate the credit and will use it up ASAP, it is too bad that one has to threaten and coerce to get fair service for ones money. Resorting to bad press to obtain justice is usually the last resort. I didn't relish doing it. In fact I wrote Don Winner and forewarned him that I was going to "go ballistic" with his customer unless I was contacted by the jefe, "the guy that signs the checks". Some people thrive on adversity...not me. I live a very simple life and desire things to smooth out as I get older and wiser. But, like most people, I refuse to be cheated or mistreated.

Will I continue to use Airbox express? I don't know at this writing. I WILL say they would have been better served to offer me a refund instead of credit.

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