Friday, May 8, 2009

Bob vs Airbox -- round 2

This letter was sent to Airbox Express this morning. If I receive an indication of resolution, all is well. If, however, I'm ignored, I will go public again. The clock is ticking...

May, 08, 2009
To: Jorge Zelaya, GM Airbox Express
From Bob Hatting PTY#5950
This is the second time that I'm aware of that your company has received a package from another carrier and even though the weight is marked on the package, your people over-weigh the parcel.
On January 29 of this year I paid for a package that you people said weighed 16 pounds. UPS had recorded the weight on the outside of the package as 12 pounds. I checked with the carrier in the US and confirmed that the package weighed 12 pounds. I asked your agent to weigh the was 12 1/2 pounds. (obviously your scale weighs heavy) I complained to your agent in David, Natalia. It was a week or so later I received a credit of only $3.37. Using your posted rate charts the credit should have been $11.77 for the four pound over-weigh.
Yesterday, I picked up a small package and paid $12.88 for 1 1/2 pounds. FedEx had the weight listed as 1 pound. So, again I paid for $4.06 too much. 50% was added to the bill. In the January scenario it was 33%. This is a very transparent shake-down.
We gringos are accustomed to what we refer to as a "skin tax". That is: Charged more than a Panamanian for the same goods and services. We understand the thinking. When we go to a store or even a street vendor and ask the price we have the option of walking out, laughing, or just shaking our head to acknowledge -- nice try! However you people have a lock on us. We pay to join your service, we notify or banks, Social Security office and our lawyers of the mail forwarding address. When we receive a letter or package, it has the declared value and the description of the contents. Usually it’s important and you people know this…that’s why you overcharge. A simple shakedown that works because we customers want our items. This is not a coincidence. It is obviously part of your business plan.
Using your advertised rates --According to my math, (allowing for that piddly 3.37 credit) you owe me $25.77. I want that as a refund...not credit. I paid cash, I want cash back.
Another matter...what happened to a package sent to me many weeks ago. Another one pound package tracking number 0625007036732.??? Have you lost it?
I expect some resolve to these matters and a cash refund. A timely resolve!
Bob Hatting, David

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