Friday, May 1, 2009


On the last post I promised to get this blog fixed. I'm still promising but have to wait until the election is over here in Panama. My "Computer Guy" is taking this upcoming election he should. He's either out campaigning or running some regional election staff. My Spanish is not good enough to understand his position.

Panama has always had elections but they were never very democratic. Usually there was a "mild revolution" to shuffle the deck and put whomever into power. Since the war with the US and the ousting of Noriega, the citizens of Panama have come to appreciate their democratic rights. Not until 1990 did they have a true Republic. After having many quasi dictators, citizens are enthusiastic about their politics and their right to vote. Their rallies, caravans and other special events are part of this colorful culture. As a foreign resident, it is illegal for me to contribute or participate in the election process. However, it's interesting to observe.
I'll post the results after the election on May 3rd.

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