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Saturday, May 2, 2009

They did this with a straight face!!

Below is the invoice data for a small package that weighs only a pound. If you want to skip all the itemized charges, the bottom line is $26.61. The price of the item from eBay was $42.98. So customs charged $4.47.
Airbox Express is the culprit. They are charging over $15.00. for a one pound item no larger than a mans fist.
These people -- this company have successfully screwed me since signed up for their service almost a year ago. The most blatant (next to this) was in Feb. of this year. I had an old laptop shipped from Tucson. It arrived at Airbox Express on December 24, 2008. It finally arrived in David in Feb, 2009. The original shipper used UPS. The weight was recorded on the box -- 12 pounds. When Airbox got their hands on it ---MAGIC! It weighs 16 pounds! When I went to pick it up, I noticed the weight difference. I asked the attendant to weigh the package. She did -- on a bathroom scale! It weighed 12 1/2 pounds. I paid the entire amount because I needed the laptop. A promise was made for a credit to my account or refund. Two weeks later after reminding her, she issued a credit for less than four dollars. So I can do math...four pounds is four dollars, yet one pound is fifteen?
Folks this is the true story of Airbox Express and Bob Hatting.

Tracking Information for: PTY - 5950
Main Info

Aerotracking 00000054795
Creation Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 30-04-2009 11:53 AM

Courier Name Interworld Freig
AWB 07172008

Courier Tracking Sn
Declared value (US$) 42.98

Description Video Camara
Insured No

Sender Ehong Hongbo
Weight 0.454 kg / 0.999 lbs

Gateway PTY
Bag Number

Account 005950
Master Tracking 00000054795

Consignee Hatting Robert Wayme
Number of Pieces 1

Service Type Air
Inspected By

Custom Ticket 00000054795

P.O. #
Invoice #

Status (dd/mm/yyyy) Ready at Counter

02-05-2009 12:33 PM

Total related charges (USD):26.61 Total related charges (Local Currency):26.61

Charges BreakdownDescription Charge Type Amount(USD) Amount(Local) Invoice Num Date(dd/mm/yyyy)
Custom's Duties Debit $ 4.47 B 4.47 043539 30-04-2009 04:38 PM
Consolidation Charge Debit $ 1.00 B 1.00 043539 30-04-2009 04:38 PM
Sales Tax-Customs Serv. Debit $ 0.25 B 0.25 043539 30-04-2009 04:38 PM
Customs Broker Debit $ 5.00 B 5.00 043539 30-04-2009 04:38 PM
Freight Debit $ 15.13 B 15.13 043539 30-04-2009 04:39 PM
Sales Tax-Transport Debit $ 0.76 B 0.76 043539 30-04-2009 04:39 PM

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