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Thursday, December 3, 2015


Rearm America.
A two shot derringer carried by one of the people in the recent San Bernardino massacre could have saved a lot of lives. This is senseless… allowing these slaughters. It’s not complicated. Set your watch back sixty years and then prepare to witness a rebirth of law and order. Only a well armed citizenry will put an end to these atrocities. Law abiding citizens are the only hope to quell this heinous attack on humanity by radical muslims. WAKE UP AMERICA and the western world! Gun control has created this soft underbelly. The enemies of civilization are hitting where they know we can’t hit back. The old bumper sticker from times past is certainly true now. WHEN YOU OUTLAW GUNS — ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS.
How many more people being mass murdered will it take for you to arm yourself and perhaps stop the next attempted slaughter.
The derringer shown above is small. It will fit in a purse or fanny pack. One can place it in a pocket. It fires two rounds of .38 special. It can be purchased new for less than $125.
Think about the results if a terrorist was killed after the first few rounds were fired. An itty bitty weapon and a few moments of courage could have stopped this bloodbath.

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