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Saturday, November 28, 2015



As North America morphs from a relatively safe democratic and free society into a socialistic anarchy, one has to be realistic concerning the ever-present dangers lurking in every community. If this is where you reside, you should look closely at your personal safety and protection. Now is not the time to rely on government agencies to protect personal property and/or your life.

Take a close and detailed look around you and then answer these two questions:

#1.) What keeps an armed intruder out of your life?

#2.) Who will protect you from an armed intruder bent on robbing and killing you?
 Nine out of ten will not have a clue — other than calling the police. (Here’s a test — call 911 check their response time)

In today’s world, it is prudent to be armed. YES! Armed. Plus your residence needs to be alarmed or booby trapped in some way to protect you and your belongings while you sleep or are away.

Understand the PRE — POST time indicators. If you are prepared, you usually prevent the murder detectives from coming to your domicile. Post is part of the word postmortem. A forensic medical term they will use during your autopsy if you don’t take heed.

Owning a weapon and knowing how to use it is not the total answer. It’s a beginning but does not assure your safety until you take it with you — everywhere! That’s not legal in most states because of the current laws on the books were crafted by governments to disarm their citizens. The police powers will not allow this to happen — legally.   One has to take a chance on becoming a slight criminal in order to prevent the POST from happening.

Most of the characters in my action-adventure novels; Jimmy Hart, Curtis Dawson, Hardy Kitchen, and RC Bellars, all carry unregistered and unlicensed weapons. They don’t worry about the consequences of carrying an unregistered weapon. Neither does their creator. Jimmy Hart is famous for his ‘mad scientist’ booby traps. (I believe he learned all that stuff from me.) Those close to the characters know and understand the protective modes but not the authorities or the bad guys. They are clueless until there is an ‘incident’. Since I write fiction under the label ‘grounded in reality’, one would assume that many of my personal experiences created the scenes rather than my imagination. Maybe — maybe not!

In reality if one possesses an unregistered weapon in a foreign country, after an ‘incident’, one may be fined, jailed, or more likely deported. One has to standing and breathing to receive any form of castigation — much better than residing on the autopsy slab.

I just recently moved from Panama where I lived and survived for a decade. Panama is known to be a dangerous place. I had several ‘incidents’ and was able to avoid jail or deportation. Over time, the bad guys -- the malientes and ladrones, learned that the ‘crazy gringo’ was to be reckoned with — he fought back, set booby traps and at times hired muscle to punish and destroy his enemies.

Recently I  moved to the Philippines. Any foreigner in the Philippines is a target for the muslin extremists. In fact, several hostages are being held in the southern section of Mindanao province and their ransom is about a half-a million USD, each. Last week, a Malaysian man was beheaded by this same radical group. His wife was released after her ransom was paid. Evidently he was ‘out-of-favor’ with the in-laws. They didn’t pay and he was executed as an example. The southern section of Mindanao province has become a restricted area for foreigners. But, there are factions of these bad guys scattered all over this country. I would be a fool to believe they are contained.

Where I live is populated by a lot of foreigners — a target rich environment for these wretched muslim factions. The fact that these people are still ‘at large’ proves the military and the police cannot seem to control these radicals, so I’ve elected to protect myself. Many of the foreigners feel the same way. (perhaps it is time a bounty is placed on these horrible people)

We, ex-pats, chose our dangerous lifestyle. However, those of you in North America and Europe need to take notice of this warning.

If the citizens of the United States want their freedom back, they have to arm themselves and be prepared to defend themselves and their family at all times. Show me another choice. (I seriously doubt if you can.)

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