Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This and that!!

It appears my new home in the Dumaguete area has very poor internet reception.  It's unlikely it will improve in the near future.  So, most of my postings will be intermittent and unorganized; Ozone business, writing subjects, and Rearm America.  Plus my travel experiences. 

REARM AMERICA.  Yahoo news posted this map last week.  It basically shows that most every state in the union has laws pertaining to carrying weapons.  Some are easy -- others are harsh.    If you meet the requirements, a law abiding citizen can carry in every state.  Take the time and deal with the hassle.  It may save your life.
Writing and promotion:
Almost every day I write a few hundred to several thousand words.  I do not do any promotion for a variety of reasons.  Subsequently, my sales are deep into the growler.  Xmas will be lean.
Old Tree Ozone:
Inventory reduction sale
Every year, most businesses reduce their inventory in order to eliminate inventory taxes and bolster their working capital. When I was in the ranching business, we did something similar — we sorted the cattle and sold those cows or bulls that did not produce along with the calves.
I find myself in the same predicament with ozone generators. Many were placed into Ozone Centers — to be rented by the minute so more people could have the therapy without a large capital investment. Unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm of some of my operators has worn off and there has been negligible activity.   
My first choice is to have ozone centers. Unfortunately, not everyone in Central America shares my passion for ozone therapy. I need to gate some units so I can concentrate my focus in Asia where enthusiasm is high.
The following inventory is for sale at discounted prices. 
    • Model 06 medical grade unit — new style $2700.00 FOB Dumaguete, Philippines. (I can ship a breathing apparatus with this unit for an additional $1200.)
    • (Two units) Model 06 medical grade unit (Alum. Case — hour meter) — Plus Breathing Apparatus. $3900.00 each. FOB David, Panama.
These prices are only available during the remainder of 2015. Please contact me with any questions.


Rob Hatting, bobhatting@gmail.com

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