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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Courage and Second amendment to the US constitution.

Courage and Second amendment to the US constitution.

I learned early in life that is dumber than dumb to take a knife to a gunfight. Well, the world has been unarmed so knives are now becoming the weapons of choice for would-be terrorists. Box cutters brought down three jets. The guy in London and those folks in Jerusalem are raising hell with knives.

If one of those fools with the knives ever attack me or many of my friends, it would be their last act in this world. Most of us carry. Not all of us are legal but our attitude is: let’s live through the ordeal and sort out the legal BS later.

We are not radicals, except for the second amendment — the right to bear arms. This is the charter for a citizen militia. At no time in our recent history has the ‘citizen militia’ more required than now. The travesty of the times, is the way our western populations have been stripped of our rights by the power of the governments.

Each incident — the mass murders — appear to be a battle cry for the gun control proponents. Even the lame duck president — is calling for stricter weapons control. (a powerful voice to this idiocy)

THINK THAT POSITION THROUGH. How does a strict gun control law eliminate putting guns in the hands of our enemies; the terrorists? How would a LAW stop a radical muslim from wanting to destroy our citizens? These warped individuals will find a way to kill us. It’s their mission. We’re at war with these radicals! Do you think he/she will obey the law? Of course not! They will find a way to bring weapons or bombs into the country… they will steal from other citizens, law enforcement or the military or buy weapons from the underworld. They will find a way to kill innocent citizens -- UNLESS THEY ARE MET WITH FORCE!  Equal force!
 Look at France. A citizen cannot purchase a weapon in France — very strict gun control. They have no second amendment. Those people were slaughtered by ISIS. The radicals with the guns and bombs. Do you suppose one or two armed citizens at that rock concert or the San Bernardino slaughter could have diminished the carnage? I believe they would have made a difference — IF they were trained in the use of their weapon of choice, AND had the courage to shoot back.

Courage is another ingredient that seems to be in short supply. To me it seems it has been bred out of our citizenry. Except for those individuals in the armed forces and some of the contact sports, courage appears to all but disappeared except in the world of the radical extremists. Hemingway defined courage as “Grace under pressure.” It was presumed back in his day that everyone had courage — some just more than others. Not true today. Courage has been replaced by politically correct cowardice. 

It's not right -- politically... but Merry Christmas!
Rob Hatting

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