Sunday, November 22, 2015



In a rapid transition, some details seem to go unnoticed until the process is almost complete. Moving my businesses from Panama to the Philippines over the past three months created several of these ‘detail glitches’. The most glaring to me was my avoidance of my publishing business. I didn’t promote…didn’t even think about expanding my readership. Summer is historically bad for book sales. Mine was a disaster because I was focused on my Ozone business, my inventions, and my personal life. Add to that the liquidation of all my assets and my move from Panama to the Philippines, and it is a wonder I have even thought about this ‘other business’ this early in the transition.

Writing is still an everyday process. I still produce the stories but the publishing side of the equation has suffered. Am I anxious to remedy this condition? The answer is: I’m not sure.

Melissa Gray, my editor, has one of my manuscripts in her WIP Que. It’s the third novel featuring Curtis and RC; UNTAMED being the first, PARTNERS, the second, and TRUST ME, finally to be published sometime during the first quarter of 2016. Lodged in my SCRIVENER files are two more full length novels; COIN OF THE REALM, and UNBROKEN. Both should be in the editor’s hands by the end of 2016.

Also in the bowels of my computer are two short stories, an autobiography, and the expanded version of my OZONE THERAPY booklet.

As we move toward the first of the year, my resolve to post in my blog on a weekly basis is becoming stronger, so many of my writing hours will be dedicated to the blog. Also, my blog will move to another host site and be more interactive.

Many events will transpire during his next month. My fiance’ and I are moving closer to the capitol of Negros Oriental, we’re training the staff of two ozone centers we’ve established locally, and then there is Xmas and a couple of birthdays. In between I will attempt to write a few words each day and manage my ozone business. Most of my inventions have taken a back seat for the remainder of 2015. Hopefully I will have my new shop up and running by the new year and some of Santa’s new tools with which to play.


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