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Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Immediately after September 11, 2001, I formed a non-profit corporation and a foundation to fund a substantial media blitz calling for America to rearm themselves.

In the 1960’s when I was flying a million miles a year, none of those guys like DB Cooper or the animals that used box-cutters to hijack the planes would have been shot dead… really dead by several of us who carried pistols in our briefcases. It was very common for passengers to carry weapons on planes. Often we even compared them…

Shortly after I established the foundation, I was visited by not one but three ‘suits’ from three different agencies. Each had the same message; close down — cease and desist or suffer the consequences. Their threats were not veiled. As a spanking, I was audited by the IRS for three years in a row following the warning. The Oregon Sate Police, representing the governor’s office were even more direct. ‘Shut-up, leave, and don’t come back!’

I shut down the foundation but I began looking into the 9/11 terrorist attack and came away with the feeling that it was — by design, either orchestrated or allowed -- to control the population of the USA. It was another way for the government to gain power. Rearming America was certainly contra to their goal.

So, I sold my business, sold my house, divorced my wife and began to process to become an expatriate.

Over the years I’ve seen all the bad guys with weapons and no one to stand up to them. By the time the cops or the military get involved, the damage is done. The criminals and terrorists have free license to commit their atrocities and most escape punishment. Look at the recent terror attacks — no one could shoot back, they had been disarmed by their government.

This terrorist attack in Paris is a very good example of the sheep we have become to our ‘world order’ government. Not one person fired back at the terrorists. It was a slaughter of the highest order.

Since that gruesome event, many of my FaceBook friends have taken the time to overlay a French flag over their profile photo; honoring those slain by the terrorists. That’s all well and good but the next thing the over-layers need to do is to write a letter to their representative in government and push the politician to vote to keep the 2nd amendment — to allow honest citizens to carry weapons. Then you over-layers need to go purchase a weapon and learn how to use it.

Here’s a concept to consider — perhaps it has some merit. THESE SICK AND VILE PEOPLE who kill innocent people are basically cowards. Perhaps faced with a citizenry that returned their fire — round by round, the outcome would be much— much different and there wouldn’t be so many wholesale slaughters.


Blog posting — 11-15-15.

My blog has been dormant for quite awhile. Since I have been hacked so many times on Face-book I’ve elected to revisit the blog and the security it provides from hackers and uninformed idiots. I get to monitor comments and elect who gets to join. Perhaps it’s not the best platform for promoting my novels or my ozone business, but I need to try once again. Be patient while I relearn the system… I can’t seem to upload photos… maybe in time I will be back in sync with the new features of blogspot.

Chikungunya — (CHI-kən-GUUN-yə;)a mosquito borne virus that affects the joints, offers a low grade fever and a rash or itchiness.

“…The virus is passed to humans by two species of mosquito of the genus Aedes: A. albopictus and A. aegypti.[6][7] Animal reservoirs of the virus include monkeys, birds, cattle, and rodents.”

SWELL… Just what I need! An itsy bitsy mosquito stung me and gave me the above mentioned virus. According to Wikipedia and web MD, there is no cure but it’s not life threatening like its cousin, Dengue Fever.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the joint pain lasts for months and sometimes years.

No cure? We’ll see!!

I began Ozone Therapy last week. Two - 100 cc injections a week. The fever went away… now I’m trying to eliminate the joint aches and the high BP that usually accompanies pain. My en vitro will be reported on periodically as I fashion and construct a screen door for our cabin.

Speaking of construction… I have a local craftsman working for me on a project by project basis. He is making furniture, kitchen appointments, room-dividers and of course he will build the screen door to our cabin.

Yesterday I picked up the prototype of a cutting board I asked him to make. It’s not an original design, I copied it from one I saw several years ago. My friend Rex and Connie had one in Puerto Armuelles, Panama. I borrowed it for several weeks and asked several wood workers in Panama to make me one. It never happened. Of the four wood workers I showed it to - one tried to steal it. Enough said? That’s the major difference between Panama and the Philippines. My worker is always eager to please. Consequently he is rewarded accordingly.

Change for the better.

The town in which I live has a population of around 35,000 folks. Now, most places in the world with that kind of population, have basic services and an abundance of competition that stimulates growth and opportunity. Not so with this berg. It’s like a deserted island in the sea of civilization. I like the town. I like the people, but I can’t step back in time and operate an international business here. The nearest FedEx office is in Dumaguete, a three hour bus ride. The only other facility is in Bacolod, a four to five hour bus ride in Negros Occidental. So, I have been looking around to see what’s available. I like this province and can see many opportunities for future business and growth. However, trading one remote town for another is foolish. Yesterday, I ventured into the capitol of Negros Oriental. It had just about everything I need, but I’m not especially fond of the city. It’s inhabited by foreigners. That’s not bad but they attract all the charlatans that prey on unsuspecting or ill informed gringos. Therefor all locals are held in mistrust.

12 to 15 km away, however, is a small bustling village that shows some promise. I going to revisit the town in several days and perhaps cement a long term rental that is close to the city but away from the hustle and bustle. Stand by for progress reports.


I made a commitment to move to this small village outside Dumaguete. It’s not on the beach but at an elevation of around 1200 feet. I hope to be moved by the end of this year.

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