Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OZONE GENERATORS – An authority? Not!

I am neither an Engineer nor a technician. I’m a user of Ozone Therapy with extensive experience concerning my personal health and those close to me. I’ve been exposed to this alternative medicine since 1997. I’ve owned Nineteen different types of ozone generators. A few were mediocre — okay for ozonating water and olive oil. Most were substandard and only one model is superior. How do I judge the units?  Simple -- by the smoothness.  That’s because I take ozone directly into the bloodstream. The unit produces concentrated ozone+. My blood absorbs this right away — smoothly and painlessly. (with a substandard or mediocre machine I experience pain)
Two days ago, a nurse came to my home and with her assistance I was able to inject 55cc of Ozone gas directly into my vein. This is a preventative treatment I take every seven to ten days. I expect to do this treatment for the balance of my life. It’s my fountain of youth. At one time (soon after a heart attack) this treatment occurred three times a week and saved my life. 
Recently a friend of mine had a stroke and heart attack at the same time. Once he left intensive care and was recovering at home he began the same treatment. He takes 100 cc’s of ozone gas directly into his blood stream -- three times a week from an Ozone Generator exactly like the one I own. Nine weeks later, his right side mobility has returned and his blood pressure has lowered and moderated. The man takes his injections from a machine that provides a smooth painless process. Interestingly, he already had an Ozone generator but when he attempted to take the IV injection, it caused a great deal of pain. WHY? His machine is a weaker model that will only generate O3… never any more molecules. Intermittent O2 molecules are mixed with this weak machine and adds pain to the delivery. In addition, it doesn’t provide the healing benefits of concentrated oxygen/ozone. My machine was a major change in his treatment.

These are two examples of the many success stories I’ve either experienced or observed. The treatment is wonderful and very non-invasive.


Only one company in the world makes this type of Ozone generator – it’s located in Nogales, Mexico. It combines the standard corona discharge with some form of ultrasound that enhances the molecules and converts them into clusters of enriched oxygen. The price for each machine is $4,400.00. There is a 2 ½ year waiting list. 30 months once you place a 50% deposit.

The price isn’t the problem nor is the deposit; it’s the long wait to acquire a machine. The core element in this very effective treatment for a variety of ills is the ozone Generator. Most of the customers of this Nogales company are Cuban; same with those in the backlog. Cuba allows and supports Ozone therapy. Evidently they don’t flinch at the price.

From what I can determine, it’s not the price that bothers folks; the unit usually serves a community or clinic. The cost is shared. The problem is the waiting.

Shoot, I know people who would pay twice the sticker price to get one on a timely basis. When one is dying of cancer or a heart condition a few thousand dollars doesn’t seem like much when you know it will cure you…

My current mission is to find another company or organization that can make a generator like those that come out of Nogales. I was going to be the back door recipient of some parts (tubes, transformers, ultrasound devices, etc. from the outfit in Nogales) to make into a back-up unit. I paid for the parts but decided to send them to a friend in Vancouver, BC to be reverse engineered. My hope is that we can develop a comparable unit to alleviate the demand for this miracle tool. Keep your fingers crossed.


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