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Yesterday, I sent the manuscript for a small booklet concerning Ozone Therapy to my editor.  Periodically I will post excerpts from this manuscript.  Unlike my other books, this is not fiction.  It's an abstract -- a truthful accounting of my association with this form of alternative medicine. Comments are welcome.

I took my first Ozone injection from an Ozone Therapy practitioner in Arizona, fourteen years ago. I had accompanied my riding partner, Rick, to one of his therapy sessions in an attempt to reverse and eliminate his prostate cancer. My friend had been taking these injections for the better part of a month and had experienced excellent results. The ozone generator was a one-of-a-kind custom made in 1957. The unit produced strong and consistent O3.
The practitioner (Doctor Carl) hooked a butterfly needle to a glass syringe and filled the needle and tube with saline solution. He squeezed out some saline to assure there was no ambient air in the needle, disconnected the syringe and capped the tube. He then filled the syringe with OZONE GAS and placed the syringe back on the butterfly needle tube. He inserted the needle into Rick’s vein (on the inside of his elbow) He slowly injected the gas into RC’s vein. (I was expecting to have to give mouth-to-mouth to my riding partner when I witnessed the gas disappearing into his bloodstream. I wasn’t fond of the prospect)

Rick took 75 cc’s without batting an eye. This was his twelfth session with Doctor Carl and the dosage was increased each time.

Two days later, I returned with RC and mustered the courage to take 30 cc’s — just for grins. (see chapter FOUR for my first major malady)

The injection I received was slightly uncomfortable but not so much that I avoided using this therapy (30 - 60 cc’s) to prevent any maladies. A month later the practitioner informed us he no longer had an Ozone generator. The one he had been using was a borrowed unit and the owner needed it returned. By this time Rick had been given a clean bill of health by the medical community — the doctor and the lab. He no longer required extensive treatments but another patient of the practitioner was mid-way through her cervical cancer treatment.

Rick, Doctor Carl, and I began looking for another Ozone generator. We bought seven different units from various parts of the world over a period of eight months. None of them were satisfactory. The injections and healing capabilities were substandard. RC invested over eight-thousand dollars with a guy who claimed he could build one using the transformer from a neon lighting system. I guess the eight-thousand wasn’t enough. The clown never produced anything. Meanwhile I was off on one of my adventures to Central America and had the good fortune to run into a former “Share the Wealth” client in the airport in Mexico City. We each had a three hour layover to catch-up after fifteen years of no contact.

BACKSTORY: At one time Ian and I had worked together to install my performance bonus system (STW)in a company he was running in Seattle. His position as the CEO was specifically orchestrated to ‘operate and enhance’ the large corporation for its founder who wanted to sell out. The founder and majority stockholder, Peter Brockman, had learned he was suffering from colon cancer. The doctors prognosis was grim — he had less than a year to live when I arrived on the scene. To shorten the story I was able to install my system; six months later we had ‘dressed up the bride’ and I was instrumental in procuring a buyer for the business. Meanwhile, the clock was ticking on Brockman. He left the USA and searched for alternate forms of cancer treatment; first in Mexico and finally Costa Rica. He purchased a nice estate on the coast Costa Rica in Guanacaste province and of course proved everyone wrong by using his genius mind.

Peter had been taking Ozone Therapy from a unlicensed practitioner in Liberia, Costa Rica. The man used a generator that was strong but was still a corona discharge unit. Peter was taking injections every day so he was experiencing considerable pain because of the unstable effect of straight corona. His genius went to work and he designed an built the prototype of the machines now being built in Nogales, Mexico — the ones I use. Brockman cured his cancer with the use of his newly designed Ozone Generator. By the time I accidentally ran into Ian at the airport terminal in Mexico City, Brockman had been in business for several years, producing the Ozone generators he credited with saving his life and the lives of others. He’d hired Ian to take over the robust business. Ian’s mission was to relocate the factory to Mexico; specifically Nogales on the border with Arizona.

When I asked why the relocation to Nogales from Costa Rica, Ian issued a tirade against the Costa Rican government and their international trade policies.

Not to digress any further, I was able to acquire one of the Brockman designed Ozone Generators. The price back then was $3000.00. It changed my life and actually saved my life years later.

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  1. I am looking for ozone therapy for this winter. I have taken over the years in Tijuana but will be closer to Tuscon, AZ this winter/spring. Thinking maybe there would be something in Nogales. I had poor success with injection in AZ. The treatment in Mexico was far superior by taking blood, ozonating and slowly dripping it back in. Do you know anywhere that this type of therapy could be done. I suffer from MCS. It is very severe. That is the only thing that has helped me in the past.
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