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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Recently, I used one of the Yahoo Forums to advertise one of my laptops for sale. (Gringo’s in David) I had a motive and a strategy behind the post.  I specifically asked that the members of the forum to refrain from offering their opinions as to value. It was asking too much from the narcissistic expatriates that inhabit Panama.

I am moving my Language course (ENFORCED MEMORIZATION TECHNIQUE) away from Latin America.  In doing so, I need to have it translated into several Asian languages.  One of my translators is from a village near Siem Reap Cambodia.  She operates with just a smart phone and an internet café 40km away.  I offered to send her my old Gateway to facilitate her work.  She refused based on her ethics. (She hasn’t earned it so she can’t own it) I finally wrote her and told her I would take the unit to the Flea market.  If it didn’t sell there, then I would advertise it for sale on the internet.  If no one purchased the unit, I was going to send it to her.  She agreed.  I priced the unit high and knew it wouldn’t sell.  I certainly understand the value of computers… I’m on the internet every day.  I just bought an IBM ThinkPad with 2 GB of RAM & a 300 GB hard drive.  It has all the bells and whistles including WIFI, webcam, and Win7 OS.  I paid $30.00 for the unit.  By the time it arrived David, I still have an excellent system for under $100.00.

 I don’t need to have several ignorant busy bodies explaining value to me; especially when I specifically asked the members not to voice their opinion.

Gringo’s in David is quite useless as a forum – the same know-it-alls haunt the site and are ready to pounce on any announcement or question and offer strong & usually ignorant opinions.   It is even more useless when they gather once a month.  They offer nothing – they meet to socialize – to drink and smoke. They don’t support a charity, they have no agenda, and usually complain about living in Panama.  If you desire to listen to a gathering of sods that blow smoke in your face – attend the meeting of the GID. I withdrew after this last incident and have no plans to attend one of their meetings.  I'd like to see someone start another group.  The problem would be screening out the IDIOTS!

Panama has changed.  I’ve logged a lot of time in this country; I’m a Zonian and have been in Chiriquí almost ten years.  Most of the ExPats who lived here when I arrived were adventurers; people looking for the ‘wild west’.  Now it’s a motley collection of losers, idiots, and a few certified psychos’.  Scattered amongst those just mentioned are a handful of really nice North Americans; they are here trying to make a difference.  I love Panama – it’s my home. However, I’m scheduled to do an Asian business trip soon.  Perhaps I’ll look at it from a different POV. Maybe I can find a locale without Gringos.  Wouldn’t that be swell…

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