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Monday, November 11, 2013


I’m shuffling the priorities of my special ‘bucket list’. This list is not ‘places to go or events to attend’ like most bucket lists compiled by people hearing death knocking at their door.

This is a list of legacy-like accomplishments I intend bring to fruition in the next few years.

These legacy projects are not ‘World Changing Concepts’ when considering the overall scheme of things but they may have a pin-prick effect on some segments of the third world.

In the weeks & months to come I expect to post in detail how these elements can be used to make life better and create some independence in doing so.

The first topic I want to discuss is OZONE THERAPY.  It’s not new.  The treatment has been around since 1938.  Unfortunately, it is relatively inexpensive – very effective, and one can administer it without a doctor.  Therefore, the AMA, the drug companies and all the people on their payroll – the lawmakers, deem the therapy and the equipment quasi illegal.  It is often bashed because there are so many practitioners who use substandard equipment and are only using the systems to make money.  I personally have had nothing but success over the years.  I will relate my personal experiences and those of people close to me – first hand knowledge, only!

The second item on my list is EMT -my memorization course.  I had touched on it in earlier posts.  I’ll report the updates as its being installed and used in Asia. The learning system does not work in Panama but is very successful in Asia.  Currently it has been translated into Chinese and the WIP translations are in Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, and the Philippines. The business plan works as designed and hundreds of people are currently learning English under this new teaching method.

In coming weeks I will explain the TIDE PUMP, a very basic  yet effective method to lift seawater to higher elevations for the purposes of generating electricity, seawater for fish farms, or to transfer weight – to mechanize; turn shafts with wheels and gears.

Once in a while I will discourse on the PALM OIL- DIESEL conversion system I am developing.  A status report as you will.  Simply explained -- my naturally aspirated 6 cylinder diesel car is currently capable of running on a 50/50 mix of palm oil and diesel.  I’m having a pre-heater crafted to increase the viscosity prior to entering the fuel injection pump and consequently the injectors. Phase two of this concept is to demonstrate harvesting the fruit from the palms, rendering the oil, filtering the product, and driving off without using one ounce of fossil fuel.

Along the course of my list I will discuss SACK HOUSE CONSTRUCTION and I will finalize my series with a three part description of $hare the Wealth, a business system that inspires, motivates and maintains excellent relationships between Employers and employees.

That’s the agenda for the next few weeks-months.  Interspersed will be the musings about my novels and of course a few comments about Panama.

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