Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toy or Tool?

I’ve been using the NEC 900 I purchased on eBay for about three weeks. I’m ready to review my decision.
· It has become a tool I use daily. I found the portability to be that of my cell phone or sunglasses. It goes everywhere I go and sits on my desk when I’m home because I use it like I used to use my Franklin Planner. Copying files from the NEC to my 64 bit system is simple, using the USB ports and a flash drive.
· I purchased more accessories than I need. The extra battery I bought hasn’t been used. Same with the wireless card and the portal to portal cable. I have not seen the bottom of the battery except when I originally tested the unit (5 hrs). I have no need for the wireless card at this time. I suspected I needed the internet capabilities to transfer files. Not so. The USB flash drive is a simple way to transfer files.
· I discovered that if I calibrate the touch screen each time I turn on the power, the screen and stylus works better. Sometimes I forget and it becomes frustrating.
· The instant ON is great! No waiting for a bunch of junk to load. When I’m using the word processor, I can save the file, close the unit and hours later open the case, turn it on and POOf! It’s right where I left the cursor.
Overall I’m happy with my unit. It has frustrated me at times because of my learning capabilities, but I am more productive. That was the goal. The price/performance is excellent. If you only need an ultra portable word processor, this is the tool for you.

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