Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first job didn’t last this long!

This post has nothing to do about writing, e-books, Kindle or related topics. It’s about Panama!

Due to a robbery, my failing memory, and bad judgment, I found myself driving on an expired stateside driver’s license. The cops discovered me, too. Two years is a long time to explain away, so in order to obtain a drivers license, I had to do the same process as someone eighteen years old would do; take a beginners driving course, blood test, hearing& sight test and then the written exam and driving test. All went well right up to the written exam…now done on a computer in Spanish. Not just Spanish but technical Spanish. I failed it four times – three with a translator. The last translator I hired was Lola Braxton. She translated a sampling of the questions from Spanish to English. It was very helpful. However, our first time as a team, I failed (#4) by one point. This is a timed exam. Sixty seconds for each question and four multiple choice questions. Yesterday we took our time and I was able to pass. The driving portion is a snap. I’m legal in Panama until 1015! ($366.00 = Ticket, driving course, translators and fee)

I’m including a few of the questions and answers for your amusement.

What entity corresponds to the judgement and sanction for faults or infractions to the rule of ( Decree ( Decreto ) 640 on Wednesday 27th of December 2006 ?
R- The Land and Transit Authority.

What should you do if when crossing a railroad track and the car stalls and you cannot get the car to go. The siren sounds . What should you do ?

R- Get out of the vehicle and get far away from it.

And my favorite:

You are driving at approximately 65 kms/hr , accidentally you hit a pedestrian. At that speed what may happen ?
R- It is probable that the pedestrian dies.

There’s about two hundred more questions/answers available. Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Lola.

Happy Motoring!

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