Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh, Boy! Packages from…ouch! #/*@&*%!!!

The PDA I won on eBay finally arrived, yesterday. The winning bid was $51.00. The seller charged me $15.00 in shipping. ( he/she did a lousy job of packing). The charge from Miami to David was $19.00. So, if my math is correct, freight and duty was $34.00 – 2/3 of what the PDA cost! In addition I bought an extra battery and a case. I won’t dwell on those costs but my freight bill at this end was $55.00 for the four small packages. (Miami-David)
This is the downside of ex-patriot living. Just a simple letter costs $2.14. I won’t dwell on this negative because I’m really happy with my old/new NEC PDA. It’s very portable and I can type on the unit without a problem. I used it yesterday and discovered the battery lasts for five hours.
I expect to be much more productive in the coming weeks/months. I highly recommend any writer who wants portability without a major cash outlay to consider the obsolete NEC MobilPro 900.

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