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Saturday, February 19, 2011


A friend of mine who is prone to declamation, made this statement. “If you went to Boquete and tried to hand out hundred dollar bills, those folks would think it was a trick or you were passing phony money.”
That initiated the BET! The wager was I could go on the Boquete Blog and offer ten FREE eBOOKS in three days. If ten people accepted, he had to buy ten as well. The BABES, happen to be the tykes at Nutre Hogar in David. All my royalties are pledged to this charity until March 31st.
I was worried at first. Only three takers. Then I received some cheer-leading help from Dennis Nutting. I was able to buy and deliver ten books via Amazon Kindle in a shade over two days. Thanks, everyone, I’m proud of you.

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