Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kindle Klub November 23, 2010

The initial thrust of the Kindle Klub was met with some positive responses, a couple of negative comments and of course there’s always the person that slams an idea because it wasn’t his/hers. Posting on chat rooms is akin to lecturing roosters – one has to deal with a lot of strut and crow before they get it!

I sent out over 600 notices and discovered a typo in the blog address. So, 600 people got to hear from me again. Oops! This predicated several recipients to request to take them off the mailing list. Some were polite others stern and some downright hostile. I guess I need to explain how I got 600 e-mail addresses. Some are friends and family but others came to me… over the years, soliciting or announcing something. I have a personal policy… if you contact me, someday I’ll contact you back. To use a boxing metaphor, you throw a left jab – expect a right cross in return. I’ve never understood people who make a big deal about being on someone’s mailing list. If you don’t like to receive something…just mark it SPAM. It’s not personal, it’s business.

Authors – Dianne, Bill, Larry, Dianne G., Charlie, and Michael B: some of you already are in the process of converting your work to e-books. A few of you are reluctant. If you publish on an e-book format, send a synopsis or excerpt… or both. I’ll post it for you.

Crystal Cowboy may be unavailable for the next twenty four hours. I was able to navigate through the publisher’s site and was able to reduce the price of my book.

I like this idea from Kim Norman :

Hi Bob,

While in the publishing blog page I noticed that I could copy the link to my profile in Facebook, so I did so. Now I have spread the word about your book. You might suggest that other people send out to friends. We like the story so far, and will possibly subscribe.

warm regards,

I’ll post other suggestions as I receive them.


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