Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crystal Cowboy on Kindle

As promised, I've posted an excerpt from Crystal Cowboy.  A romantic comedy with a rodeo backdrop.  I was notified by that  my e-book is on their shelves.

 Harp liked driving, Harp liked bull riding, and Harp liked knives. His three passions combined to give him a solid claim to happiness. Only two hickies nagged his mind. His mother and his soul mate. The deteriorating relationship with Goldie was a major concern; his quest for his soul mate was exasperating. He was constantly on the hunt…trying to find his mate.

Dahlia, queen of the Redmond seventeen, was a self proclaimed psychic counselor. Harp believed in her prophecies. Dahlia continued to stress the importance of seeking his kindred soul. She said that if he kept himself grounded and centered, his mate would appear in a dream. He’d know what she looked like and be further along in his search. So far, the only dream Harp could remember was a foot with four toes. It reoccurred often; a female quadped with four painted toe nails. Sometime the four toe foot image was a side shot, sometimes a bottom view, but mostly an aerial from above.

Harp spent about as much money each month visiting Dahlia as his mom spent on imported fruits and vegetables. Harp wasn’t concerned about the physic expense because Dahlia predicted his draws, his scores, and even the events he needed to turn out. Harp believed her prophecies were germane to his success. He was always mentally prepared. His competitors weren’t. Having the edge bolstered his confidence and courage. Very necessary ingredients for a champion bull rider.

I hope to be showcasing other Kindle authors.  Follow the blog and send along your work.

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