Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I just checked Amazon Kindle bookstore and discovered my novel, BOOMER, is now available on Kindle or any other device that reads the kindle format.   Check out Amazon for further details.

BOOMER is a period western. I wrote it as a youth book but realized it has a larger market. The following is a short excerpt.

…. Sheriff Boomer has little to do with Jeffers except on poker night. They appear cordial, but Jeffers still holds a grudge against the Sheriff for not catching the bandits who robbed the Butterfield stage seven years ago. They stole sixty thousand dollars in gold coin, an amount Banker Jeffers could afford, but being tight, begrudges the loss of even a dime.

The fact that Banker Jeffers was aboard the stage when it was held up made matters worse. Other passengers recited that the banker cried and wet himself when one of the masked robbers jabbed a pistol in his face. When questioned by the Sheriff, Jeffers couldn’t describe his assailants, their horses, or any other details.

Sheriff Boomer lit out after the bandits with a big posse. Gone almost a week, they cut some sign that made them think the robbers had gone east toward Pantano. After the first week most of the posse returned, dribbling in by ones and twos. Sheriff Boomer, Homer Kearns, and Billy Blackwater stayed on the trail of the bandits. Another week went by and Sheriff Boomer finally returned--riding in from the west. He said they trailed the robbers in a big circle and finally lost all sign of them after one of our summer rainstorms washed away all the tracks. Homer Kearns went home but Billy Blackwater stayed out. He was never one for town life, being part Indian and all.

Happy Reading!

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