Saturday, November 20, 2010


Over the years, when asked advice about business, I usually replied, "don't worry about the name of your business right now.  Although it is important, fine tune your business plan first."
I violated that cardinal rule.  I named the concept (kindle klub) before giving much thought to the structure of the idea. 
Sharing information about the Kindle Readers and the Kindle Library seems to be in the forefront of the concept.  However, there's another aspect -- self publishing through Amazon Kindle program.  I encourage you to participate at any level.  Simply follow the blog and write comments.  I'll paste them into my posts.
I share your book publishing frustration. I published 'Angels in Panama' in April and have since learned that it near impossible to promote a book using traditional methods when you are not physically in the U.S. I am also in the process of getting the book 'Kindle-ized'.
I really like your idea of a Kindle blog. Thanks Larry
I've made a feeble attempt thus far to promote this blog and idea. Any ideas for promotion, to reach Kindle users, would be appreciated.

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