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June 1, 2016
Ozone Announcement!
  I’m embarking on a very radical adjustment to my OLD TREE ozone business.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried in vain to create a business model to provide the medical benefits of my medical ozone system to those in need -- regardless of their financial situation.  That didn’t work; not even close to what I had planned.  The ozone center operators made money, the clients got their treatments and are regaining their health, but I didn’t get paid for my systems. One entire system was stolen. So, I’ve gone back to selling the units rather than leasing them by the minute. Unfortunately sales have been weak. Perhaps that is my fault(I’m better at creating than marketing). By moving my operation out of Panama and into the Philippines, I have been able to lower the cost by almost $1000 per system.  I’ve passed this savings on to the customer. However, this did not stimulate sales.   
Other factors concerning this radical shift I’m announcing are as follows: I have had lost deliveries, units have been damaged by customs officials, and several individuals have tried to discover the secrets to my inventions by taking them apart and consequently destroyed their systems.(Then had the temerity to demand replacements).  I financed a unit for a dear friend and have not been paid but a fraction of the value. The list goes on and on…  
This has to change!

 For the next 3 months (90 days) my business model remains the same — the systems are for sale at the current price.  The price includes the Ozone generator and the breathing apparatus — $3900.00 (FOB Dumaguete, Philippines).  At the end of 90 days, however, my systems are only available packaged into a consulting contract.  I repeat — ONLY AVAILABLE under my consulting contract.  I will personally deliver each system, install it, advise in acquiring any ancillary products, and train all the key care personnel.  This will be a two week engagement to provide training on specific treatments and protocols best suited to the client/buyer.  My price will be $50,000.00 plus expenses. I will deliver anyplace in the world. Purchasers under this program will not only have the system, they will have my expertise as well. A back-up generator and two additional breathing apparatuses will be provided to certain remote areas without adequate redundancy.
Ostensibly, this puts me out of the medical ozone business. I may use my expertise a few times each year but for the most part, it’s over for the medical aspect of my ozone inventions.  I intend to focus on other creations; specifically my air extractor.
I’ll still be available to communicate with clients and will support some who have purchased systems from me, but for the most part -- color me retired.
Rob Hatting

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